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These historical ESD videos were presented during the EOS/ESD Symposium & Exhibits.

Introduction To Static Electricity

In ordinary circumstances, static electricity and ESD are little more than an annoyance. However, in an increasingly technological age, the familiar static shock we receive when walking across a carpet can be costly or dangerous.

This same static discharge can ignite flammable mixtures and damage electronic components. Static electricity can attract contaminants in clean environments or cause products to stick together.

The cost of ESD-damaged electronic devices alone ranges from only a few cents for a simple diode to several hundred dollars for complex hybrids. Loss of production time in web processing industries due to static attraction is significant. When associated costs of repair and rework, shipping, labor, and overhead are included, opportunities must be considered for significant improvements in reducing losses to ESD and static electricity.

basics of esd
microsoft powerpoint 2013 logo svg vectorBasics of ESD Control

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EPA Awareness Video (click to play)



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  • ESD Fundamentals

    There is more to electrostatic discharge (ESD) than the shock you experience when touching a metal doorknob. It can, in fact, become a significant and costly problem to every imaginable business and industrial process if it is not professionally handled through reliable ESD standards.

  • White Papers

    Our EOS/ESD Association White Papers and those of The Industry Council provide further study and insight on the challenges, requirements, and solutions of ESD control. Topics include the importance of ESD on Electronic Circuits, Implementation of Effective ESD Robust Designs, and Electrical Overstress.

  • Industry Links

    Explore additional resources from other associations, publications, and standards related to EOS and ESD, including ANSI standards and those from JEDEC and the Electronic Industries Alliance.


  • Glossary Of Terms

    From “grounding” to “current sensor” to “electrical potential” and more, use our glossary of common EOS and ESD terms to help advance your understanding of electrostatics.

  • Common ESD Terms Translated

    From “grounding” to “current sensor” to “electrical potential” and more, use our Translated Common ESD Terms document to quickly translate common ESD terms into Chinese.

  • Learn Our Acronyms

    View our complete list of EOS/ESD acronyms, including CMOS, DMOS, and more, for better understanding of electrical overstress and electrostatic discharge.

  • Presenting an Effective Paper

    EOS/ESD Association, Inc. provides some tips and guidelines for presenting an Effective Paper.

  • Education Modules

    EOS/ESD Association, Inc. presents 6 new Education Modules for focused learning topics. These 6 short focused videos provide you with a greater understanding with specific topics in mind.

    Topics include:
    ESD Damage Prevention
    Process Assessment
    An overview of EOS/ESD Association, Inc.
    ESD Design and Testing
    Game-Changing Threats

  • 12 Ways to use Zapped Components

    Reprinted with permission from CCI.