Certification Overview

EOS/ESD Association, Inc. offers a professional certification for ESD control program managers. This program is intended for individuals who are involved in designing, implementing, managing, and auditing ESD control programs in their facilities.

To enroll in this program, there is an official registration filing fee of $50.00, an exam fee of $60 and a Bundle price of $5,000 for all courses.


Professionals share credentials online in today’s digital world. Paper certificates do not afford the same benefit. EOS/ESD Association, Inc. is using Credly™ to provide our certified Program Managers with digital badge credentials that complement the current certificates and cards administered annually upon certifica­tion renewal.



  • You stayed competitive and demonstrated skill now show it off.
  • Your free Program manager certification digital badge provides a way for you to show your verified knowledge and expertise.
  • Traditional forms of professional recognition, namely paper certificates, are not the best way to com­municate your earned credentials.
  • Digital credentials (badges) act as a way to recognize professional achievements.
  • A digital badge allows earners to share with whomever they choose on social networks, e-mail sig­natures, and websites.



  • Demonstrates knowledge, experience, and competency.
  • Encourages self-development and continuing education.
  • A check mark in the "plus" column in performance reviews, career advancement, and new employment opportunities.

Employers & Industry

  • Helps raise the overall competency level of the entire ESD control field.
  • Provides a means to assess the qualifications of personnel hired to work in static control.
  • Helps assure that the industry has properly trained and 
qualified personnel helping solve ESD control problems.
  • Helps prepare companies for ISO 9000 audits if professional certification is part of a company's formal program.
  • Improves seller-buyer relationships through better communication with fewer misunderstandings.

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