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The Academia committee of the EOS/ESD Association, Inc. is working to expand university education in ESD technology across the globe and to encourage and promote research in critical areas of ESD development. We aim to get a greater exposure of ESD Technology worldwide to have an increased student population as EOS/ESD Symposium contributors, EOS/ESD Association members, and provide a mentor process to students for linkage with industry opportunities.


  • Create Living Database of Academic Contacts
  • Provide Classroom Lecture Packets with periodic updates
  • Facilitate ESDA – University Contact Interface
  • Assist Academic Research Activities through Presentations/Mentoring

Lecture Packets

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    Click here to download the ESD Lecture Packet.

    The lecture packet contains a basic and advanced lecture.

Technology Roadmap

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    Click here to view the EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Technology Roadmap

Capstone Project Summaries

This project is to design and build a low-cost latch-up test-bench for measurement that allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of Latch-up phenomenon in CMOS technology. The project also involves the development of a low-cost PCB board for the Latch-up test-bench.


The 2-semester project started in September 2023 in Arkansas University (host by Zhong Chen) with 3 senior bachelor students.

Weekly meetings with industrial mentors. 

Possibility of the extension as a basic topic in the experiment course of electronics for engineering students     

Committee List

  • Harald Gossner
  • Mirko Scholz
  • Shih-Hung Chen
  • Ann Concannon
    Texas Instruments, Inc.
  • Lisa Pimpinella
    EOS/ESD Association, Inc.
  • Tim Maloney
    Center for Analytic Insights
  • Michael Khazhinsky
    Silicon Laboratories, Inc.
  • Nate Peachey
  • Robert Gauthier
  • Junjun Li
  • Charvaka Duvvury