EOS/ESD Association, Inc.

"Our Story"

Together, we need to educate, strengthen, and empower the Mohawk Valley and Central NY communities and convince youth and adults at all skill levels that they can pursue a career in technology in the Mohawk Valley & Central New York areas and give them the skills and knowledge needed to maintain good jobs and a good living. As well as for people who are already in the workforce, EOS/ESD Association, Inc. (ESDA), Rome, NY can provide high quality education and skills in electrostatic discharge and aid in companies’ successes in a competitive local, national and global business climate.

Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Workforce

Through STEM education, ESDA is a partner with the Innovare Advancement Center of Griffiss Institute, Rome, NY USA. Our goal is to pique students’ interests as they are fun, interactive, and exciting. Showcasing how electrostatic discharge relates to STEM further engages learning disguised by fun.

Local Community Outreach

A successful international association, ESDA aims to expand its education locally. While some are unfamiliar with who we are or all that we offer, others realize the large impact we have on industries and major companies. Companies like Advanced Micro Devices, GlobalFoundries, IBM, Intel, Tesla, Texas Instruments, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, to name a few. We strive to provide awareness of our association locally and in a similar fashion to that of our national and global markets. Furthermore, we aim to be a strong resource to local companies by providing education and increasing technology-related competencies like electrostatic discharge to current and future workforces. 

Engaging young adults, ESDA is a partner with Oneida, Herkimer and Madison BOCES, a regional cooperative agency that provides services to support area students, administrators and schools aimed to achieve educational excellence. Through an introductory course that gives basic information needed to implement an Electrostatic Discharge Control Program and how to protect sensitive components like microchips and semiconductors from static discharge, students receive a certificate of completion upon passing a knowledge assessment.

Local Labor Force

Serving more than 30,000 refugees and immigrants in the Mohawk Valley and Central New York in addition to tens of thousands of individuals who moved here more than 40 years ago, ESDA aims to assist with building and educating the Mohawk Valley and Central New York area’s workforce. Through education and training, we strive to develop the workforce to match local technology-based companies’ needs in the area. Our experience working with international populations gives us the resources and connections to provide to various cultures and create a stronger community in the region.

Local Companies

The Mohawk Valley and Central New York area have experienced a spike in technological growth over three decades. It is our goal to reach out to local companies and educate employees in electrostatic discharge and the potential harm it can cause without proper training and resources during the manufacturing and design process. To individuals who are already familiar with electrostatic discharge and our organization, we continue to remain current with their training and certifications and industry standards. Companies need to reduce costs and increase revenue while increasing production. Our standards and education will help them achieve greater success.