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The purpose of the Standards Committee is to develop, evaluate, and publish industry standards applicable to the field of interest of EOS/ESD Association, Inc.


  • Continue advancing best ESD standard practices for static control
  • Provide translated versions of EOS/ESD standards and technical reports as available

Committee List

  • David Swenson
    Affinity Static Control Consulting, LLC
  • John Kinnear
  • Dale Parkin
    Seagate Technology
  • Arnold Steinman
    Electronics Workshop
  • Ginger Hansel
    Dangelmayer Associates
  • Craig Zander
    Transforming Technologies
  • David Girard
    Staticon Support Svcs.
  • Cheryl Checketts
  • Julius Turangan
    Dou Yee Enterprises
  • Jeff Salisbury
    Finisar Corporation
  • Scott Ward
    Texas Instruments, Inc.
  • Alan Righter
    Analog Devices
  • Thomas Meuse
    Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Joshua (Yong Hoon) Yoo
    Core Insight, Inc.
  • Brett Carn (Chair)
    Intel Corporation
  • Keith Peterson
    Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
  • Wolfgang Stadler
    Intel Deutschland GmbH
  • Kevin Duncan (Vice Chair)
    Seagate Technology
  • Evan Grund
    Grund Technical Solutions, Inc.
  • Nathaniel Peachey
  • Matt Strickland
    The Boeing Company
  • Fatjon (Toni) Gurga
    Reliant ESD
  • Charles McClain
  • Bob Vermillion
    RMV Technology Group
  • Timothy Jarrett
    Boston Scientific Corp