• Committees

    Our committees are devoted to creating a global focus on the control and mitigation of electrical overstress and electrostatics through certification, standards, education, and events. Composed of EOS/ESD experts from around the world, our committees are constantly creating opportunities to engage, recognize, develop, and advance the theory and practice of electrostatic discharge avoidance.

    • Develop, evaluate, and publish industry standards related to EOS and ESD
    • Produce a forum for the delivery of technical papers, tutorials, and hands-on practical demonstrations
    • Research and create opportunities for the global growth of EOS/ESD Association, Inc. for expanded electrostatic awareness
  • Associated Groups

    Established groups from the EOS/ESD industry in your area can develop a whole new awareness of the technology. Meetings and events provide a continuous exchange of information, and provide both educational and networking opportunities on a regular basis. Participating in an Associated Group provides opportunities to discuss common problems with others who have similar experiences.

    As they bring ESD awareness and knowledge to their local areas, these groups supplement and expand the Association's effort and foster growth in global strategies.

    • Develop awareness of the technology
    • Provide meetings and events for a continuous exchange of information
    • Provide education and networking opportunities on a regular basis