WG 28.0 - Electrostatic Attraction

Working Group Chair:
Carl Newberg, Simco-Ion
  • The WG focused on the draft a new TR on “Electrostatic Attraction”. The combined document was reviewed and the general manufacturing section was edited during the meeting. Members agreed to finish editing small sections and then send the document to the group for a final read-through. Upon this review, the document will be submitted to TAS for a high-level review.

  • The group reviewed the current drafts of the aviation, aerospace, military, and fiber optics sections.

  • The group reviewed and finalized a section on fiber optics. The group developed an approach to handle definitions for the TR. The group also reviewed the wafer ESA section of the document.

  • WG focused on the draft TR “Electrostatic Attraction”.  The introductory material for each section was reviewed with a look toward the overall document structure. 

    There was a detailed review of the medical section to ensure this was covering all the needed items.

    The General Manufacturing section was reviewed, and items added items to the outline so members could get started on development of this section.

  • The WG focused on the latest draft of the new TR “Electrostatic Attraction”. An outline of the document was reviewed to help with clarity for evaluating the document. The WG also reviewed the new format of the document prior to submission to ESDA Operations for formatting prior to submission for a high-level review by TAS.

  • Our agenda is simple – we will be reviewing comments from TAS on our document.  If by chance we don’t have comments back from them, we do have some comments from Wolfgang and Keith as a members of the committee.

  • The group reviewed the current drafts of the introduction, basics of static and particle physics, aerospace, and medical sections. The foreword, scope, and purpose are complete except for the list of industries. Also, the basic electrostatics and particle physics section was reviewed and is now complete.

  • Summary of meeting activities:

    The group reviewed drafts of introductory material, a section on physics background, and a section on cleanrooms and medical.

  • Summary of meeting activities:

    The group reviewed industry surveys for automotive/surface finish, automated handlers & general manufacturing, medical and health related, aerospace & military, and semiconductor processing. There was also a discussion on what content to include in a document.

  • Summary of meeting activities:

    The group established an interest and capability to provide industry with a guideline document for electrostatic attraction.