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Recognizing our Volunteers who are the foundation of everything we accomplish. Our recognition video has just been released. 



The Volunteer Development & Initiatives committee finds enthusiastic professionals for roles within EOS/ESD Association, Inc. We do this by collaborating with the Association's Business Unit Managers (BUMs) to understand current and upcoming volunteer needs and match those with a pool of potential volunteers that have expressed interest in contributing.

With a mission of setting global standards, there is a broad range of rewarding and impactful roles that our current and future volunteers fill. Understanding an individual’s areas of interest and desired level of contribution helps us work with the BUMs to find the right volunteer role. Positions seeking expressions of interest are advertised on our website.


  • Find and place enthusiastic professionals into roles within EOS/ESD Association, Inc.
  • Collaborate with the Association's BUMs to understand current and upcoming volunteer needs
  • Match volunteer needs with our pool of potential volunteers

Committee List

  • Dave Swenson
    Affinity Static Control Consulting, LLC
  • Lisa Pimpinella
    EOS/ESD Association, Inc.
  • Nathan Jack
  • Matt Jane
  • Michelle Lam co-chair
  • Scott Ruth co-chair