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  • ESDA Online Academy

    Participate online classes taught live and access on-demand EOS/ESD courses and tutorials. You can Reserve Now, Register Later.

    $195.00 USD per person, per 1 credit.

    Purchase a bundle of 10 EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Online Academy credits for $1,755.00 and save $195.

    Our online classes are designed into four main disciplines or subject matter noted as the starting letters in the class number;  FC-Factory Control, Manufacturing classes; DD-Device Design classes; DT-Device Stress Testing classes; and GP-General Practitioner classes.

    View our courses to register and view class abstracts. Or review the complete catalog and get a comprehensive description of the different subject and certification pathways that focuses on the learning you need.

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  • Operator Training

    This course is intended to give you the basic information you should have regarding the implementation of an ESD Control program and help you understand your role in protecting the electrostatic discharge sensitive items you are working on every day. The course is comprised of a PPT file with voice over and a script of the instruction. There are also videos to demonstrate main concepts.

    Table of Contents

    • Basic Concepts of ESD (3-10)
    • Charge Generators (11-21) | Slide 22-23 Videos Charging and Induction
    • ESD Control Program Overview (24-30)
    • Personal Grounding (31-44) | Slide 45 -46 Video Wrist straps, Footwear, flooring
    • Workstation Grounding (47-50)
    • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control - Soldering Considerations (51-60)
    • Things You’re Going to Find in an EPA – But Shouldn’t (61-62)
    • Daily Checks (63-64)
    • Packaging (65-69)
    • End (70)

    Base price is $299 and $5 per user. Tiered pricing available.

    Enterprise Version 
    The full packaged training course to put on your LMS or anywhere you chose and use it as many times for as many employees as needed with no expiration.


  • Simple EPA Setup

    Will your surface, products, or staff handle anything that is sensitive to ESD? Are you setting up a small EPA for computer or phone repairs? Get simple step-by-step instructions to create your EPA with your ESD field service kit, that contains the basic items you need for ESD protection. This training has been developed to create easy steps to follow, provides descriptions and pictures and gives you the equipment you need.

  • On-Demand Library

    Subscribe to the ESDA On-Demand Library and never miss an EOS/ESD Association, Inc. event again!

    Subscription includes 1 month access from date of purchase for up to two of the events listed below:


    2020 EOS/ESD Symposium
    2021 EOS/ESD Symposium
    2021 International EOS/ESD Symposium on Design and System (IEDS)
    2021 India ESD Forum

  • Symposium Proceedings

    Access our index of the EOS/ESD Symposium annual proceedings from 1979 to present day, providing a complete listing of papers, authors, and awards presented at the EOS/ESD Symposium each year.


    EOS/ESD Symposium Proceedings Index 2023


  • Tech Talks

    Join our new team focused on Emerging Professionals. Do you consider yourself an Emerging Professional or know someone who is? Emerging professionals might be those starting their ESD journey, students, or recent graduates. This new Tech Talk series will answer questions about personal ESD journeys and how ESDA has assisted. Join us on this exciting new way to learn, stay connected, and engage others.

  • EOS and Automotive Resources

    This page contains links and information on EOS and Automotive groups/resources.

  • Effective Presentation Template

    EOS/ESD Association, Inc. is pleased to offer this presentation template, designed to help create effective presentations. 

    Please feel free to use this presentation template in it's entirety or take pieces from it to help you build an effective presentation! 

  • ESDA Certification

    Certification is a way to ensure both new employees and experienced employees receive the best ESD training subject matter experts provide. EOS/ESD Association is the recognized world leader advancing the understanding of EOS and the theory and practice of ESD avoidance.

    Our curriculum provides training that everyone wants and the industry needs. You can benefit from one class, a combination of classes, combined subject matter, and through online certification programs.

    We offer three certification programs which are: Program Manager (PrM), Device Design (DD), and Device Stress Testing (DT). Our online academy training form provides a table that lists subject matter letters in the class “#” column and the certification letters in the “cert” column.

Academia Program

Over the last four decades, EOS/ESD Association, Inc. provided services through education, technical exchange of information, and facilitating venues to bring the industry together to improve methods for ESD reliability. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) has been a pervasive reliability threat to the electronics industry. As a result, EOS/ESD Association, Inc. has provided several lectures at different universities. We are committed to offer an introduction to ESD as part of university lectures in the classroom to enhance academic understating of the phenomena in the semiconductor technologies as well as promote research interests in the subject.

This complimentary 60-minute live video recording of the basic introduction lecture was presented as an electrical engineering classroom lecture in  November 2019 and is provided for general use for all university educators.


To view some University visit details, please

What People Have To Say About Training & Education

I recently completed the EOS/ESD Association’s Professional ESD Program Manager training and I am happy to say the team of instructors involved all demonstrated their extensive experience and exceeded my expectations in teaching the courses, and the comprehensive content covered all aspects of an ESD manufacturing control program and assessment. The week after the PM exam I successfully led an assessment involving customer / contractors of a customer manufacturing site ESD program, resulting in major improvements, and I am now more confident in and more heavily involved with continuous improvement of ESD control programs within my company.
Alan Righter 2x
Alan Righter - Senior Staff ESD Engineer
Analog Devices
Both the classes and the in-person training were very helpful. Enabled me to bring my companies ESD control program to the next level. The seminars offered an entire world of ESD perspectives and products to light that I otherwise would never have known of. GREAT PROGRAM!
Chris Pesola - Quality Assurance Engineer
The ESDA has provided my company with leading-edge education and experience to ensure we provide our customers with the very best service available. We at NorthWest Electrostatic Services are strong supporters of the ESDA and participate in as many ESDA working groups as we can to ensure our and our customer needs are meet quickly and effectively.
Chuck McClain
Chuck McClain
NorthWest Electrostatic Services
Even though I had been involved with electronics for 35 years, and had a sound electronics engineering foundation, I found that my knowledge of ESD physics needed bolstering when I took on the role of our site’s ESD Program Manager. Consequentially, I undertook the ESDA’s Program Management Certification to better understand this science. I completed the ten course curriculum in about 6 months and then completed the PM examination at the 2014 ESD Symposium. The combination of classroom and computer classes were great, and the instructors were excellent. Being an engineer, I found the calculations course to be very helpful in bringing everything together in a cohesive system, and recommend taking this course toward the end of the curriculum. I also found the classes on the practical side of managing an ESD program very helpful.
David Kirk - Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Hologic, Inc.
The Device Stress Test certification program is an excellent opportunity for Technicians. The instruction on the ESD tests and methodology is done by industry professionals. The online classes are a great resource to have for deeper information into ESD tests that a technician may be starting to do.
Jordan Dye
ON Semiconductor
Working as a development engineer for qualification methodology, I think having a certificate in device testing is a must-have. The ESDA offers a good program to get the latest information about the different standards and ESD fundamentals. I would recommend the “Device Stress Testing Certification” to anyone who works in the field of ESD qualification.
Magdalena Hilkersberger
Infineon Technologies
I have been involved with the ESDA for over 10 years and have taken advantage of many of the training opportunities offered. The educational course curriculum is diverse and provides those involved in ESD control a solid foundation to build robust and sustainable programs. The services offered by the ESDA have provided enormous benefit not only to my local operational unit but also to L3 Technologies as a whole.
Matt Strickland - ESD Resource Team Lead
L3 Technologies
As a new ESD program manager for my company, I find the ESDA courses and Certified Program Manager track a great way to learn all the important aspects of ESD. I am grateful for the content and organization they have put into this curriculum.
sam pict2 1
Sam Freeman - Worldwide ESD Program Manager
Keysight Technologies
From my first training (2004), the ESD Association has helped develop a non-compromising attitude in my profession, allowing me to recommend the right solutions to my customers, through high-quality products. This further drove me to attend many ESD Symposiums, complete all Program Manager courses and secure TR53 and CET certifications.
Satish V P - Managing Director
Neuro Technology Middle East Fze
When I started in the Electronics Industry I had idea no what ESD was or even stood for; I was never taught the background and physics of electrostatics in college. All of the knowledge I have was acquired by attending the ESD Symposiums and getting involved in different activities. While I am nowhere near knowing everything, I am excited to learn something new at each Symposium and each Working Group meeting. I hope to get more involved with ESDA to continue the legacy that is already recognized worldwide. The friendships I have made and the new friends I meet each year are invaluable to me. The networking of professionals and vast knowledge throughout the ESDA is immeasurable and I am proud to be part of this great organization.
Shane Heinle 2x
Shane Heinle - Coordinator, ESD Program Control
Digi-Key Corporation
Taking tutorials online/on demand, as well as in person at annual ESDA symposium has helped me and co-workers gain valuable training from industry professionals that allow us to intelligently interact with our customers on a daily basis. Tutorials and seminars are consistently present in a professional manner by all the ESD Association instructors and presenters. The knowledge gained has led several of us to pursue Program Manager certification, as well as participation in standards working groups.
Tim Maroni
Timothy Maroni - Engineering Supervisor
While I have a strong engineering background with degrees in chemical engineering, my knowledge of electronics and ESD was certainly limited. Being involved in the ESD Association, through the committees, the available training information, and generous support from other members, I’ve learned a vast amount about ESD and its control. I particularly enjoy networking with the other members, working with them on the committees, and having a little fun during the free time.
testimonial photo
Tom Ricciardelli - President/CEO
SelecTech, Inc.