Co-sponsors regional tutorials with
Local Chapters.
Conducts a national tutorial and education seminar in conjunction with the
EOS/ESD Symposium.
Publishes and distributes numerous
Educational Materials on ESD.
  • ESDA Online Academy

    Participate in complementary online classes taught live, and also access on-demand EOS/ESD courses and tutorials on topics like Advanced ESD/EMI Auditing Techniques, ESD HBM & MM Testing Essentials, Latch-up Fundamentals DD, and more!
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    $195.00 USD per person, per 1 credit.
    Purchase a bundle of 10 EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Online Academy credits for $1,755.00 and save $195.

  • Symposium Proceedings

    Access our index of the EOS/ESD Symposium annual proceedings from 1979 to present day, providing a complete listing of papers, authors, and awards presented at the EOS/ESD Symposium each year.

On-Campus Program

Our On-Campus Program is an international education program presented by EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Students at numerous campuses throughout Asia and the United States have attended our engaging lectures to improve their understanding and emerging skills involving electrical overstress and electrostatic discharge.

What People Have To Say About Training & Education

While I have a strong engineering background with degrees in chemical engineering, my knowledge of electronics and ESD was certainly limited. Being involved in the ESD Association, through the committees, the available training information, and generous support from other members, I’ve learned a vast amount about ESD and its control. I particularly enjoy networking with the other members, working with them on the committees, and having a little fun during the free time.
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Tom Ricciardelli - President/CEO
SelecTech, Inc.