WG 29.0 - ESD in Healthcare

Working Group Chair:
Tom Ricciardelli, SelecTech, Inc.
  • Agenda:

    • ESDA Meeting Policies
    • Progress to Date in Developing a TR for ESD Controls in Healthcare Environments
    • Review Draft Sections Created by Writing Team
  • Summary of meeting activities:

    The group finalized an outline for a new technical report. A writing team has been formed to create the document content and a task group was created to develop an industry survey.

  • Summary of meeting activities:

    This was the second meeting for the ad hoc group. The group reviewed and summarized SEMI E-78, and identified additional sectors such as: semi back end/assembly & test, fiber optics, other optics, board manufacturing, MEMs devices, and incoming materials. A decision was made to divide into key industry sectors with sub groups to have one or more calls prior to the April meeting and present at the April meeting findings such as key problems, perform a literature survey, and a potential direction.  Sectors identified are: basic electrostatics & particle physics, data storage (possibly), painting and surface treatments, general manufacturing, semiconductor, fiber optics, medical, aerospace, and military.

  • Summary of meeting activities:

    The group discussed reasons for considering ESD control in healthcare facilities and existing documents related to ESD control in healthcare facilities.