WG 29.0 - ESD in Healthcare

Working Group Chair:
Tom Ricciardelli, SelecTech, Inc.
  • WG 29’s recent work is focused on creating ESD standards/guidelines for a healthcare setting. A technical report is expected for publication in late 2022. The thought going into these ESD standards/guidelines for healthcare can be found in this video presentation.

  • Our next WG29-Flooring meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 10 at the March meeting series in Friso, TX.  This meeting will be live only (no virtual component).  Our agenda will be:


    • Review Meeting Policies
    • Update on Past Work
    • Review TAS Comments to TR29


    At our last meeting, we completed adjudication of a round of TAS comment to TR29.  This first round of comments were fairly high level, but allowed us to make some very meaningful improvements to our working draft.  I’ve resubmitted the revised document for more detailed review and expect to have these back for our adjudication at this meeting. 

  • The WG focused on adjudicating the high-level comments from TAS on ESD TR29.0-01 “Guidance for Control of Electrostatic Hazards in Healthcare Facilities”.

  • The working group continued the development of the new technical report ESD TR29.0-01.

  • The working group reviewed last remaining major additions to the new technical report on guidance for control of electrostatic hazards in healthcare facilities.

  • WG focused on the review of the draft for TR29 “Guidance for Control of Electrostatic Hazards in Healthcare Facilities”. 

    The WG hopes to complete the draft of the TR and submit it to TAS for their review and comment.

  • A presentation was given on some case studies of hospital hazards recently encountered by a WG member. The WG reviewed some of the comments from TAS on the latest draft of ESD TR29.0-01, “Guidance for Control of Electrostatic Hazards in Healthcare Facilities”. Edits were made, and the document will be prepared for resubmittal to TAS.

  • The group reviewed and discussed an initial draft of the new ESD TR29.

  • Summary of meeting activities:

    The committee reviewed current draft sections of ESD TR29.0-01. The group also identified the next sections the group will continue working on.

  • Summary of meeting activities:

    The group finalized an outline for a new technical report. A writing team has been formed to create the document content and a task group was created to develop an industry survey.

  • Summary of meeting activities:

    This was the second meeting for the ad hoc group. The group reviewed and summarized SEMI E-78, and identified additional sectors such as: semi back end/assembly & test, fiber optics, other optics, board manufacturing, MEMs devices, and incoming materials. A decision was made to divide into key industry sectors with sub groups to have one or more calls prior to the April meeting and present at the April meeting findings such as key problems, perform a literature survey, and a potential direction.  Sectors identified are: basic electrostatics & particle physics, data storage (possibly), painting and surface treatments, general manufacturing, semiconductor, fiber optics, medical, aerospace, and military.

  • Summary of meeting activities:

    The group discussed reasons for considering ESD control in healthcare facilities and existing documents related to ESD control in healthcare facilities.