Certificate Overview

Are you an electronic repair service provider? Does your customer want proof you are ESD compliant?  Do you want a certificate to show your ESD control knowledge? This is the program for you!

Get your certificate of ESD Compliance to indicate you or your technicians are trained and you hold a certificate of ESD Compliance.

EOS/ESD Association, Inc. has an online training class for you or your technicians and provides an audit, through approved auditors, of your location . After a successful audit, the EOS/ESD Association, Inc. issued certificate indicates you have the necessary understanding to properly handle and repair electronics equipment following ESD controls.

The training and audit covers:

  • ESD Awareness
  • Static charges in repair facilities
  • Setting up an EPA
  • Grounding
  • Workstation Controls
  • Wrist Straps and Testing
  • Footwear/Flooring testing requirements
  • Garments
  • Control Program Administration Requirements
  • Compliance verification
  • Testing and Measurements
  • ESD Susceptible handling controls

Program Requirements

  • Submit an Application 
    • Payment links are sent to you after receipt of application
  • Submit payment for online training course ($195/each person) and Audit ($500)
  • Complete the EOS/ESD Association, Inc online training course-links are emailed after payment
  • Contact an ESDA Authorized Certificate of ESD Compliance for Electronic Repair Service Providers Auditor to schedule a remote audit. (The audit can also be conducted in person as allowable).
  • Successfully pass the audit and the certificate is issued by EOS/ESD Association, Inc.