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The Symposium Steering Committee is responsible for the functioning of the Symposium, ensuring it meets its objectives. The Symposium shall function as a forum for the delivery of technical papers, tutorials, and hands-on practical demonstrations relating to the general subject of the generation, delivery, presentation, or results of electrical stress or static discharge to electronic components, products, or systems.


  • Select papers and other matters relating to specific annual Symposia control
  • Position the Symposium as the prime place for exchanging the newest advancements in electrostatics
  • Continue to make the Symposium an engaging educational and networking event for members and industry experts

Committee List

  • Guido Notermans (General Chair)
  • Lorenzo Cerati (Vice General Chair)
  • Wolfgang Stadler (Tutorial Program Chair)
    Intel Deutschland GmbH
  • Souvick Mitra (Workshops Chair)
  • Cheryl Checketts (Arrangements Chair)
    Mesa, AZ
  • Raivo Leeto (Registration Chair)
    Sandia National Laboratories
  • Ann Concannon (Audio/Visual Co-Chair)
    Texas Instruments, Inc.
  • Heinrich Wolf (Audio/Visual Co-Chair)
    Fraunhofer Research Institution for Microsystems and Solid State Technologies EMFT
  • Matt Strickland (Tutorial Audio/Visual)
    L3 Technologies
  • Michael Khazhinsky (Technical Liaison)
    Silicon Laboratories, Inc.
  • David E. Swenson (Information)
    Affinity Static Control Consulting, LLC
  • James W. Miller (Past General Chair)
    NXP Semiconductors
  • Harald Gossner (EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Vice President)
    Intel Deutschland GmbH
  • Publications & Marketing
    HQ Operations, EOS/ESD Association, Inc.