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Published Paper

Abstract: Maximum 4 pages

Final Manuscript: Maximum 10 pages

Presentation: Maximum 20 slides

Published Poster

Abstract: Maximum 2 pages

Final Manuscript: Maximum 5 pages

Presentation: Maximum 10 slides

Unpublished Poster (Manufacturing and IoT Only) 

Abstract: Maximum 6 slides

Teaser Presentation: Maximum 5 slides

Full Poster: Maximum 24 slides


Abstract (Paper/Poster) Submission due February 8, 2021: Your original 50-word abstract and summary of work for a full paper (maximum 4 pages) or a published poster (maximum 2 pages) must clearly and concisely present specific results, and explain the importance of your work in the context of prior work. Authors are required to use the abstract submission template. Full manuscripts of accepted papers and published posters will be due before the conference. Registration for the conference is required for the author presenting the paper.

The technical program committee accepts unpublished papers for peer review with the understanding that the author will not publish the work elsewhere prior to presentation at the Symposium. Presentation of your work at the earlier International ESD Workshop (IEW) will not preclude your EOS/ESD Symposium abstract submission. The submission must follow guidelines and be expanded significantly for the EOS/ESD Symposium. Publication of accepted papers in any form prior to presentation at the Symposium may result in the paper being withdrawn from the Symposium Proceedings. Authors must obtain appropriate company and government clearances prior to submitting their abstracts.


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