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  • The United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR) aligned the large USA car manufacturers.
  • Verband der Automobilindustrie  (VDA) clearly defined the process and aligned large European car manufactures together
  • EOS/ESD Association, Inc. better defined the Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) investigation process with real examples
  • Electric Field Control (EFC) references


USCAR created a committee in 2015 addressing Electrical Overstress (EOS) Mitigation

Website:USCAR: The United States Council for Automotive Research

Document: http://www.aecouncil.com/W.5_USCAR_EOS_Mitigation_Update.pdf



The group used the Industry Council on ESD Target Levels Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).

Website: Industry Council on ESD Target Levels / Home (esdindustrycouncil.org)

Electrically Induced Physical Damage (EIPD) guidelines for semiconductors, electronic modules, and vehicles (roles, responsibilities, action levels (one-of vs systemic levels of failures)) were created. The process includes cooperative efforts between all companies.

Risk assessments are tied to the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL), or safety levels.

Electric Field Control (EFC) as advanced control of manufacturing processes, was adopted invented by Michael Stevens at NXP in 2009.

A list of "shared information" between companies (excel file) to find understand risks and trends which may highlight potential root causes (multiple items which may reduce the failures) was created.

Case Studies were documented.


VDA: Verband der Automobilindustrie created a document available for purchase

Website: https://webshop.vda.de/QMC/en/eos-electrical-overstress_englisch

Clearly documented the process flow for the two levels, One-of (single failure) and Systemic (multiple failures). The process includes risk assessment and sharing information between companies.

Adopted Electric Field Control (EFC) as advanced control of manufacturing processes, invented by Michael Stevens at NXP in 2009.


EOS/ESD Association, Inc. – Association that creates international standards

Website: EOS/ESD Association, Inc. — Setting The Global Standards For Static Control | EOS/ESD Association, Inc.


Complimentary document download: https://www.esda.org/store/search/product/29/ansiesd-sp27-1-2018?l=en_US

ANSI/ESD SP27.1-2018, ESD Association Standard Practice for the Recommended Information Flow Regarding Potential EOS Issues between Automotive OEM (Vehicles), Tier 1 (PCBA), and Semiconductor Manufacturers started with the FTA.  Case studies were added.  It follows the FTA for all companies, Semi, PCBA, and Vehicle. This document provides guidance based on a two-level approach that describes what necessary and essential information should be shared between automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Tier 1, and semiconductor manufacturers to solve electrical overstress (EOS) issues. The companies above may use subcontractors or subassembly manufacturing.


Electric Field Control (EFC)



Electric Field Control: EOS Mystery Solved