Introduction to EOS

This talk covers an introduction to EOS.

Kai Esmark, Infineon

CC-TLP: an increasingly popular approach to wafer/die-level CDM testing

This talk features a different approach to wafer/die-level CDM testing, CC-TLP.

Heinrich Wolf, Fraunhofer EMFT

Automotive EIPD EOS Workshop

This workshop covers all things EOS/EIPD in the automotive space.

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Professional Certification Panel

This talk features three Certified professionals will discuss their experience completing the certification process.

Andrew Nold, Teradyne; Hank Mead, BAE Systems; Matt Jane, Tesla

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: New Release of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021 with John Kinnear, IBM

This talk features the new updates and changes to the newly updated standard, ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021.

John Kinnear, IBM

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Device Panel with Alan, Ann, and Nathan

This panel discussion features ESD device and test professionals who each bring a unique perspective on devices, ESD design, and testing, as well as service with the ESDA.

Alan Righter, Analog Devices; Nathan Jack, Intel; Ann Concannon, Texas Instruments

Introduction to EOS / EIPD

This workshops discusses all things EOS/EIPD and covers and overview of the Industry Council White Paper 4

Reinhold Gaertner, Infineon Technologies AG; Matt Jane, Tesla

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Tim Maloney

Tim Maloney, the co-inventor of the TLP test method, talks on his lengthy and successful career in the ESD space.

Tim Maloney

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Manufacturing Panel with Dave, Matt, and Reinhold

This Manufacturing Panel discussion features 3 ESDA volunteers who are at various stages in their careers. 

Dave Swenson, Affinity Static Control Consulting, LLC; Reinhold Gaertner, Infineon Technologies AG; Matt Jane, Tesla

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Matt Jane 

Matt Jane is Tesla’s Global ESD Program Manager who has designed, implemented and maintains ESD controls in a high-tech electric vehicle manufacturing environment. His involvement in the ESDA has allowed him to grow both professionally and personally

Matt Jane, Tesla