Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Matt Jane  Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Manufacturing Panel with Dave, Matt, and Reinhold
Matt Jane is Tesla’s Global ESD Program Manager who has designed, implemented and maintains ESD controls in a high-tech electric vehicle manufacturing environment. He is a member of multiple ESDA standards working groups, committees, and the Board of Directors. His involvement in the ESDA has allowed him to grow both professionally and personally – providing opportunities to work on projects that may not present themselves in his day job and also bringing knowledge back to Tesla to grow internal ESD knowledge and expertise.

The panel features 3 ESDA volunteers who are at various stages in their careers:

• Dave Swenson, Affinity Static Control Consulting, LLC

• Reinhold Gaertner, Infineon Technologies AG

• Matt Jane, Tesla

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Tim Maloney  Introduction to EOS / EIPD
Tim Maloney will be our guest speaker and will touch on his lengthy and successful career in the ESD space. As the co-inventor of the TLP test method and a now-retired Sr. Principal Engineer at Intel, he has some fun stories and insights to share in addition to fielding your questions.  Many electronics industry professionals have experienced an electrical failure with their products. Often the root cause assigned is ‘EOS – Electrical Overstress’ or ‘EIPD – Electrically Induced Physical Damage’ based on the failure analysis images. What does this really mean? EOS-like damages represent a significant percentage of failed com-ponents throughout the entire electronics industry. The Industry Council has published White Paper 4 improving the definitions of EOS and EIPD to standardize communication across the industry. Does this document help to find the root cause of EOS and EIPD issues?
Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Device Panel with Alan, Ann, and Nathan  Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: New Release of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021 with John Kinnear, IBM
EOS/ESD Association, Inc., (ESDA) Emerging Professionals Network invites you to join us on May 4th at 1 PM EST for a 60-minute tech talk device panel. Come chat with the president of the EOS/ESD Association and a panel of ESD device and test professionals. Alan Righter (Analog Devices), Nathan Jack (Intel), and Ann Concannon (Texas Instruments) will discuss career insights and field your questions. They each bring a unique perspective on devices, ESD design, and testing, as well as service with the ESDA.  EOS/ESD Association, Inc., (ESDA) Emerging Professionals Network invites you to join us on June 1st at 1 PM Eastern (UTC -4) for a 60-minute tech talk about the new release of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021! In anticipation of the new release, updates and changes will be discussed. Join to get first-hand knowledge on the new version. Get prepared! Also, the implications to facility certification will be highlighted.