Welcome to the amazing & exciting ESD control professional!

Join the ESDA’s January 2023 Tech Talk which provides a 60-minute insight to your new career as an ESD professional.

Jay Skolnik, Skolnik Technical

EMERGING PROFESSIONALS TECH TALKS: The ESDA Technology Roadmap, hosted by Dr. Mirko Scholz

This talk takes a look into the ESDA Technology Roadmap, going over what the next roadmap will look like.

Mirko Scholz, Infineon 

Introduction to EOS

This talk covers an introduction to EOS.

Kai Esmark, Infineon

CC-TLP: an increasingly popular approach to wafer/die-level CDM testing

This talk features a different approach to wafer/die-level CDM testing, CC-TLP.

Heinrich Wolf, Fraunhofer EMFT

Automotive EIPD EOS Workshop

This workshop covers all things EOS/EIPD in the automotive space.

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Professional Certification Panel

This talk features three Certified professionals will discuss their experience completing the certification process.

Andrew Nold, Teradyne; Hank Mead, BAE Systems; Matt Jane, Tesla

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: New Release of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021 with John Kinnear, IBM

This talk features the new updates and changes to the newly updated standard, ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021.

John Kinnear, IBM

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Device Panel with Alan, Ann, and Nathan

This panel discussion features ESD device and test professionals who each bring a unique perspective on devices, ESD design, and testing, as well as service with the ESDA.

Alan Righter, Analog Devices; Nathan Jack, Intel; Ann Concannon, Texas Instruments

Introduction to EOS / EIPD

This workshops discusses all things EOS/EIPD and covers and overview of the Industry Council White Paper 4

Reinhold Gaertner, Infineon Technologies AG; Matt Jane, Tesla

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Tim Maloney

Tim Maloney, the co-inventor of the TLP test method, talks on his lengthy and successful career in the ESD space.

Tim Maloney

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Manufacturing Panel with Dave, Matt, and Reinhold

This Manufacturing Panel discussion features 3 ESDA volunteers who are at various stages in their careers. 

Dave Swenson, Affinity Static Control Consulting, LLC; Reinhold Gaertner, Infineon Technologies AG; Matt Jane, Tesla

Emerging Professionals Tech Talk: Matt Jane 

Matt Jane is Tesla’s Global ESD Program Manager who has designed, implemented and maintains ESD controls in a high-tech electric vehicle manufacturing environment. His involvement in the ESDA has allowed him to grow both professionally and personally

Matt Jane, Tesla