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2017 International Electrostatic Discharge Workshop


Congratulations on the recent acceptance of your peer-reviewed poster to the 2017 International ESD Workshop. As TPC Chairman, I would like to inform you on the guidelines and deadlines for a successful Workshop.           

Deadlines for poster & presentation:

  • First draft to mentor & TPC chair & AV chair        March 24, 2017
  • Feedback from mentors                                      March  31,  2017
  • Final  version to mentor & TPC chair & AV chair   April 10, 2017

Each presenting poster author must provide the following:

       5 slides maximum  for a 6 minute podium presentation at the Workshop.

      24 slides maximum,  including

    • Slide 1 - Title slide including contact information
    • Slide 2 - Bio slide of presenting author only
    • Slide 3 - 200 word abstract
    • Slide 4 up to 22 max - body of poster
    • Next-to-last Slide - Conclusions
    • Last slide – References (and, optionally acknowledgements)

Please provide your poster in 2  formats

    • A color PPT file for the IEW Handout and electronic media file (drafts and final due dates above)
    • A color printout of your poster for the Workshop  (1 slide / page; bring with you to the conference)

Please carefully review the author guidelines and  instructions for both  teaser and poster in the templates above, since they include useful tips that will help with the  preparation.
Notes on the ‘Teaser’  Presentation Each poster session  will be preceded by a podium presentation of 6 minutes max presented by the  poster authors. For this purpose please prepare a short presentation of 5 slides  maximum including the title page. These short presentations are meant to  generate interest in the poster and guide the audience in selecting the posters  they would like to see. Highlight your main ideas and do not try to provide  detailed technical information within the 6 minutes. Practice your teaser  presentation with a stopwatch to make sure it can be done in 6 minutes.

Bring with you to IEW

  • A paper print-out of your poster presentation in color–  for mounting on the poster board.
  • The printed version of your poster should be  identical to the handout and electronic media version .
    Note that your mentor is available for technical discussions  as well as format review. The workshop AV chairs will support you on formatting  your slides.                  If for any reason you  are not able to meet these requirements or will not be able to attend the  Workshop please let us know as soon as possible.