Date & Time:
August 30, 2022
Communications Session of Upcoming EOS/ESD Symposium, featuring Nate Peachey, Qorvo


August 30, 2022 1 PM Eastern Time

Attend this Tech Talk to explore an overview on the focus area of communications. The EOS/ESD Symposium is featuring world-leading experts presenting their thoughts and expertise in the Communications focus topic through Invited Talks, seminars and topic reviews. There will be presentations on Silicon Photonics, Protection for RF Switches, Full Chip and IP Level CDM Simulation and Verification, and Reliability Requirements in Automotive Electronics, to name a few. Attend this Tech Talk to hear an overview of some the topics being presented and get a deeper dive into the subject of RF Switches.


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With the proliferation of the RF frequency bands used for communications, RF switching solutions are critical components of these products. The RF switch in a mobile phone is, of course, attached to the antenna which contacts the exterior of the final product. Thus, ESD protection solutions for the RF switch must be found not only for device level protection during manufacturing but ultimately for system level protection of the antenna in the mobile application. In recent years, the SOI switch has become the standard device used for these applications. While protecting most RF applications from ESD often results in a trade-off between ESD robustness and performance, this is not the case for the SOI switch.  It turns out that the shunt switch branch used for RF isolation is also a good clamp for ESD. This seminar will explore what has been learned about the ESD shunting mechanism of the RF switch. It will also briefly discuss the challenges of matching the device level ESD protections with that needed for system level protection of the final product.


Nathaniel (Nate) Peachey received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 1994 from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and then was awarded a Director’s Funded Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (Los Alamos, NM).  In 1996, he joined Atmel Corporation in Colorado Springs as a thin-films process engineer.  Over the next several years Nate held various positions at Atmel including process engineer, technology development engineer, device engineer, and circuit design engineer.  In 2003, he began focusing exclusively on ESD protection and I/O circuit design issues.

In 2005 Nate joined RFMD (now Qorvo) as the ESD engineering manager, a capacity in which he continues to serve.  Nate and his team are responsible for the development of the various ESD solutions and ESD PDK libraries for Qorvo’s technologies. In 2009, Nate was elected to the Board of Directors of the ESD Association.  He currently serves as Sr. Vice President of the Association.  Nate has authored and coauthored approximately 40 technical papers.  He also holds 13 patents.  Nate is a Senior Member of the IEEE.

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