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May 1, 2020
EOS ESD Association meetings and events- Moving Forward

April 30, 2020

This is a difficult and challenging time for everyone. Like all of you, we are saddened by the escalating and devasting impact the world situation has had on all of our lives. Our global community is in a time of unprecedented challenge that compels us to remain united and calm while also being sure we do not either overreact or underreact. The variables we face are changing daily, which causes new struggles as we try to manage and navigate our way through each day. 

During the coming weeks, the Executive committee and strategy planning teams are discussing our upcoming meetings and events. The uncertainty we are all facing, along with corporate policies, makes this a difficult task. It also offers an opportunity to be creative, calls for flexibility and patience, and provides a platform for compromise coupled with resiliency.

We are working diligently with our event partners and contractors to gather necessary data regarding industry trends, the status of current and future events and meetings, hotel contract status, and face-to-face alternatives. Next, we have set up targeted discussions to review and asses the data and to add travel directives for individual locations along with corporate policies. There are several factors to be considered and different options to weigh. Contract commitments, travel bans, health concerns, and legal and logistical considerations require careful navigation.

As a result, we moved the face-to-face meeting series, originally scheduled in April, to July. It is imperative that we review and react to current data and not speculation or future predictions. This is a tall order and requires patience. Please be assured we are making the best decisions possible, given the myriad of constraints. Please review the website events page for current event status.

We are planning and looking forward to the annual Symposium. The programs are in their final stages, and we have new packed offerings we are sure you will find interesting and compelling. The virtual environment we are all living in has reinforced what we already knew, face-to-face meetings and events are crucial to conducting business and learning.

On behalf of my team and your Board of Directors, we wish you all the best in the coming days. Stay safe!


Lisa Pimpinella

Executive Director

EOS/ESD Association, Inc.