Date & Time:
November 9-12, 2020
Technologie Centrum Westbayern
Emil-Eigner-Straße 1 86720 Nördlingen
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This course will be given in the German Language.

ESD Technician Training provided by the German ESD Forum meets the criteria of the ESDA TR53 Technician Certification program. All course attendees that pass and comply with the German ESD Forum ESD Technician Training will meet the ESDA Certified TR53 Technician program requirements. The German ESD Forum will register all successful ESD Technician Training candidates with the ESDA and provide dual certification credentials to the certified individual.

The ESD FORUM e.V. is a German registered association with members from industry, academia, and research institutes.

The purpose of the work of the ESD FORUM e.V. is to study effects of electrostatic phenomena in microelectronics and make it available to the public.

The ESD FORUM e.V. hosts regularly conferences, workshops, and trainings.

Contact address of the ESD FORUM e.V.:
Eichendorffstrasse 1
86720 Noerdlingen
Phone +49 (178) 78 59 327
Fax +49 (9081) 86461