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May 2018 International Electrostatic Discharge Workshop - IEW


May 14-18, 2018 
2018 International ESD Workshop IEW
Priorij Corsendonk, Belgium

2018 Registration Fee(s) - $2,195

Preregister before March 30th, 2018:
$1,795 (member)
$1,995 (non-member)

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The IEW facilitates access to and interactions with industry leaders through invited seminars, technical sessions, special interest groups (SIGs), discussion groups (DGs), and invited speakers. Participants meet in a relaxed, invigorating atmosphere and engage in discussions about the latest research and issues of interest within the EOS/ESD community.

Participating at the IEW is:

  • An immersive, interactive experience with experts on technical advancements
  • All-inclusive pricing – workshop, hotel, and meals
  • Peer reviewed poster format for future full paper development
  • Gaining valuable industry recognition and receive feedback
  • Interactive and in-depth discussion groups

Scheduled poster sessions form the core of the technical program. These poster sessions are preceded by a brief introduction of each poster by the authors in a plenary "teaser" session. These teasers encourage the participants to select the posters of greatest interest. Meet and chat with the authors, while you expand your knowledge and network in the subsequent poster discussion session.

The discussion groups (DGs), held in the evenings, are a unique part of our interactive workshop. While each EOS/ESD topic discussion is facilitated by an expert on the subject, the main discussion will take place among the DG participants. We encourage you to bring along data, ideas, and other items of interest to share.

A number of stimulating state-of-the-art EOS/ESD seminars, as well as invited talks are also scheduled.

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