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National Lightning Safety Awareness Week
June 23 - 29, 2019

Dairy Queen customer records video of 2 massive lightning strikes

You Tube: An Arc of Glowing Blue Ionized Energy During a Hailstorm

Lightning strikes local radio station, blowing up part of a satellite dish

Lightning strikes Texas parents with son just steps away

Lightning Strike in Poughkeepsie Kills One and Injures 4

Coshocton County boy killed when struck by lightning

5-year-old on vacation in N.C. dies after being struck by lightning

Lightning strike kills teenage hiker in Arizona

Sheriff: Autauga Co. woman killed by lightning while picking blueberries

Autopsy confirms Bakersfield man struck, killed by lightning

Newlywed couple hit by lightning on Mt. Yale; bride killed

BHSU student killed by lightning strike

Lightning strike on Alabama coast claims life of 12-year-old Arkansas girl

Officials: Man, 81, killed by lightning strike in Largo

New Mexico woman in critical condition after lightning strike

Fans Struck by Lightning Outside Stadium Following Packers vs. Buccaneers

Tennessee teen survives lightning strike

Lightning strikes kill 2 in 2 days in Colorado park

Twenty Seconds – Lightning Strike Survivor Shares Story

Georgia Man survives after lightning strike blows him out of his shoes

Storm Chaser Struck By Lightning -- And Lives (VIDEO)

Lightning Strikes Flagstick in South Africa

Car Struck By Lightning Near Lake Crystal, Minnesota

Lightning Strikes Tower Bridge, Amateur Photographer Captures Spectacular Image (PICTURE)

Work begins to repair Brazil's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue after lightning damage

Lightning strike on beach kills 3 in Argentina

Lightning Strikes Woman, Trees In Lakewood

Bolt from the blue: Did North Bend man get hit by lightning through a church window?

Gary Lightning Strikes Kill 2 Men, Injure Infant

19 cops hurt in lightning strike

Lightning Strike Grounds BWI Flights For Hours, Injures Air Traffic Controller

Car Struck By Lightning In Utah After Boy Wishes For It (VIDEO)

Decades later, hair-raising photo still a reminder of lightning danger

Nine injured in Colorado lightning strike

23 Scouts hospitalized after lightning strike in Belmont, New Hampshire

Lightning deaths: Fishing tops the list

New Jersey Man hospitalized after lightning strike

Texas IHOP Employee Dies After Being Struck by Lightning Outside Restaurant

Florida Woman Struck, Killed by Lightning

Illinois Man Struck by Lightning While Fishing, Killed

Lightning Strikes Plane Heading from Detroit to LaGuardia

Man Struck by Lightning 4 Times, Then Buried Alive

‘OUT OF NOWHERE' A LIGHTNING BOLT': A ‘miracle' for the Miss Had

Lightning Strikes: Recent images of lightning around the world

10 soldiers struck by lightning at Fort Drum expected to be OK

Top 10 of the Most Dangerous US States for Lightning Deaths

Woman dies after being struck by lightning in Monmouth Beach, NJ

Scientists suspect thunderstorms as climate culprit

Lightning strikes Hopewell, New Jersey man while driving

Train Collision in China Kills 35, Injures 191

Riverside Police Officer Struck By Lightning Dies

Lightning safety and survival

Medical Aspects of Lightning

6 killed, 4 injured as lightning strikes Bangladesh

Space Shuttle Endeavour On Launch Pad In Lightning Storm (PHOTO)


How lucky can you get! Incredible story of how man survives being hit by lightning TWICE in remarkable CCTV footage

Lightning strike injures at least 9 people in Michigan

Boeing 787 Withstands Lightning Strike

Michigan gas station struck by lightning

Boy Saves Mom after Lightning Strike- bolt of electricity struck Texas mom Kimberly Krome as she cleaned her kitchen

North Carolina Man Dies from Lightning Strike

17-year-old South Carolina Student killed by lightning

Wisconsin golfer killed by lightning

Georgia teen killed by lightning while riding bike

Franklin's Unholy Rod

Did Lightning Kill Millie, the First Cloned Jersey Cow?

15-Year-Old Football Player Killed by Lightning

Postal Worker Struck by Lightning

Two Men Killed by Lightning Strike in Fort Myers, Florida

Two Boys Playing in Surf Injured by Lightning

Kentucky Teenager Killed by Lightning While Horseback Riding

Scout Troop Hit by Lightning, Two Killed

Update on Swimmers Struck by Lightning

Four Swimmers Injured by Lightning

Lightning Strikes Connecticut House Twice in One Day

British Teen Killed by Lightning

Utah Campers Killed by Lightning

Lightning Strikes Car on Utah Highway

Grand Teton Climber Killed by Lightning Strike

Lightning Kills Girl at Soccer Game

Giraffe Killed by Lightning

Lightning Strikes Florida Construction Workers

Actor Struck by Lightning

Colorado Teen Struck by Lightning

North Carolina Strike Survivor Counsels Peers

Ten People Struck by Lightning in Florida

Four Killed in Electrical Storms

Three Strikes and You're Safe! - Linda Cooper, a 3 time lightning strike survivor, believes education is the key to safety

Latest Lightning Victims

Laser Beam Triggers Lightning Strike During Japanese Experiment

Lightning Strikes 7-Year-Old Girl's Mattress

Ohio Construction Worker Struck by Lightning

Lightning Strike Injures Visitors to Yellowstone National Park

Iowa Teen Hit by Lightning While Working on Computer

Florida Teen Helping to Repair Hurricane Damaged Roof Struck by Lightning

Lightning Bolt Strikes 19 Golfers

Florida Students Struck by Lightning

South Carolina Boy Shocked by Birthday Gift

Georgia Man Dies from Lightning Strike

Arkansas Teen Killed by Lightning

Scout Leader Struck By Lightning

NC judge among pair hospitalized after lightning strike along Blue Ridge Parkway

2 Pennsylvania high school grads die after being struck by lightning, officials say

A motorcyclist is killed by a bolt of lightning in Florida

California father, 2 children recovering after being struck by lightning

Lightning is zapping fewer Americans, not more

1 man killed, 1 injured by lightning strike at Florida beach

Mountain biker killed by lightning on trail southwest of Telluride

One Marine Brain-Dead After Lightning Strikes MV-22 Osprey

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week
June 23-30, 2018

Lightning bolt kills Colorado woman and her horse

4-year-old boy, corrections officer both struck by lightning in Florida

Lightning strike kills 1, injures 2 people swimming in state park lake

Pair found dead in cemetery were hit by lightning

Charlotte teens hit by lightning in Florida

Lightning strikes kill three people within a week

Motorcycle rider hit, killed by lightning near Mt. Mitchell State Park

U.S. Lightning Deaths in 2018

Lightning strike kills Benson, AZ man

Alabama couple killed by lightning strike

Lightning Strike Kills Woman in Iowa

Man dies at Beaver Lake after being struck by lightning

Georgia boy, 11, struck by lightning while fishing in Daytona Beach Shores

Lightning Strike Stalls Moving Car on Florida Interstate, Alarmed Woman Calls 911

Teen killed, 2 others injured in West Virginia lightning strike

Struck by lightning, man has scars but survives

Man dies after being struck by lightning while rounding up cattle

What Happens If You're Struck By Lightning

Lightning Strikes 2 Airplanes Near Seattle Airport

One dead, 13 injured after lightning strikes at Southern California beach

Lightning Kills One, Injures Two on South Florida Beach

Baby struck by lightning recovering, has static hair

Lightning strike kills Arkansas teen

Incredible Picture Shows KLM Flight From Amsterdam Hit By Lightning

Lightning strikes killed fewer Americans than ever in 2013

Amazing Video: Car Struck by Lightning

Washington Motorcycle rider hit by lightning

Miami-area lightning strike kills 1, injures 2

Lightning strikes gas station- hits man (Youtube video)

Lightning strikes South African footballers (Youtube video)

Lightning starts fire at Venezuela refinery

How do you recover from being struck by lightning?

12 soldiers hurt in Colorado lightning strike

Georgia farm worker killed by lightning

Bolt from the blue: Lightning strikes St. Peter's after pope's announcement

New Jersey Grandfather struck by lightning killed, 9 injured

Lightning kills boy, 9, on Lake Superior sail boat

New Jersey man killed by lightning strike while fishing

Two teens struck by lightning in Browns Summit, NC

Pa. teen hit by lightning in his kitchen

CT man struck by lightning while inside house

CT man recovers from lightning strike

Lightning strikes makeshift mosque in Bangladesh, kills 13

Lightning kills fan after NASCAR race

Southern Utah lightning strike kills man and his dog

Two die after lightning starts fire in Kentucky home

NC man hit by lightning for third time

SC man survives lightning hit on Friday the 13th

Lightning strike kills two, injures one on Texas soccer field

West Virginia teen struck by lightning asks dad to pray with him

Man struck by lightning at Burke County, NC campground

3 escape power of lightning in New Hampshire

Lightning strikes Long Island teen

Man struck by lightning in Hebron, CT

Lightning Strikes, 10 Scariest Bolts Caught On Film (VIDEOS)

Lightning Strike Sends CT Woman to the Hospital

Swedish peace & love festival: 17 taken to hospital after being struck by lightning

Tennessee man feels lucky to survive lightning strike

28-year-old man struck by lightning while hiking (Portland, Oregon)

Georgia man grateful for life after being struck by lightning

Landscaper struck by lightning in Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Lightning Bolts Bombard Albuquerque, New Mexico (PICTURES)

Lightning Injuries by Mary Ann Cooper, Christopher J. Andrews & Ronald L. Holle

South Carolina Man Struck by Lightning for the Sixth Time

Lightning Kills More Men Than Women

Georgia Teen OK after Being Struck by Lightning

77 Cadets Sent to Hospital after Lightning Strike

Stable struck by lightning in York

Pennsylvania Man Survives Llightning Strike at Campsite

Lightning Strike Survivors: Alex & Dane-Follow their long road to recovery

Lightning Strikes Mother and Child in North Carolina Parking Lot

North Carolina College Student Killed by Lightning

There Go the Servers-As Technology Spreads, Electrical Hits That Once Just Made the Lights Flicker- Now Fry Computers, Phone and Web Connections. From The Wall Street Journal

Car Exhaust Fumes Cause Lighting Strikes

Scientists Close in on Source of X-rays in Lightning (Science Daily)

Maine plumber zapped by lightning

Maine man struck by lightning

Lightning kills three in Wisconsin

New Jersey matron of honor killed by lightning strike

Pennsylvania Man Struck by Ligntning Twice in 27 years

South Carolina Man Walking on Beach Killed by Lightning

Texas Pastor Killed by Lightning

12-Year-Old Girl Struck by Lightning

Three People Struck by Lightning in New Hampshire

Pennsylvania Man Killed by Direct Lightning Strike

Florida Man Struck by Lightning while using Cell Phone

New Jersey Teen in Critical Condition after Lightning Strike

Two New York Teenagers Struck by Lightning

Oklahoma Man Recovering from Lightning Strike

Lightning Kills Woman and 4 dogs

Lightning Probable Cause of Russian Airplane Crash

Two New Jersey Teens Killed by Lightning

Lightning Strike and Electrical Shock Survivor Stories

South Carolina Man Killed by Lightning

Florida Man Waiting for Train to Pass Struck by Lightning

Experts Divided on What Attracts Lightning

Three Workers Struck by Lightning at South Carolina Plant Nursery

Colorado Motorcyclist Dies After Being Struck by Lightning

Florida Teenager, Woman Struck by Lightning

Georgia Lawn Care Worker Struck by Lightning

Explore Benjamin Franklin - (PBS) Explore some of Ben Franklin's electrifying discoveries and test you knowledge of electricity. You might be shocked!

Man Struck by Lightning While Watching Youth Baseball Game

Lightning Injures 21 Soldiers

Dozens Injured When Lightning Strikes at Family Reunion


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