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William DeJean

Bill DeJean"The ESDA organization is unique in its "Commitment to Excellence" demonstrated by the members, staff and volunteers in providing a professional and efficient profile. As important, it is a remarkable fraternity of relationships that develop into genuine friendships. I am honored to be a member of your organization!"

In 1966, Bill DeJean initiated his career in the electronics industry with a sales position at Fansteel, Inc., providing refractory metal components to power semiconductor device manufacturers in California and Arizona. In 1968, following Fansteel acquiring Ceramics International, a ceramic-to-metal packaging device manufacturer, he was appointed sales manager for their domestic electronics markets.

Bill joined Ceradyne, Inc. in 1970, as program manager to coordinate the introduction of high thermal dissipation ceramic packages for power transistor device packaging applications.

In 1972, Bill founded Electronic Technical Services, Inc., dba California Technical Services [CTS], to specialize in providing direct materials and process equipment required in the manufacturing of Semiconductor, RF, Microwave, Hybrid and Military devices. For the next 35 years, CTS represented the premier manufacturers providing these products to these electronic device markets in California.

dejean2In 1977, Bill founded TDI International Inc., which today is an international supplier of precision hand tools and cleanroom/assembly equipment to the electronics, medical device, disk drive, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. TDI relocated from Northern California to Tucson, Arizona in 2000.

During the 1990 time frame that the disk drive industry was converting to ESD sensitive MR heads, Bill coordinated the development of static dissipative tweezers to meet the extremely low current/voltage and contamination requirements in handling MR Sliders, HGA, HSA and HDD assemblies.

He was also a member of the IDEMA hand tools standards committee [1994-1996] as these static dissipative tweezers specifications were reviewed and defined, including "transient current discharge" disk drive industry performance requirements.

dejean3Bill joined the ESD Association in 1995 and TDI has exhibited at virtually all of the annual ESDA Symposium events. Currently, he is chair of the seating five-year review committee and a member of the hand tools standards committee.

Bill and his wife Karen have been married for 28 years and she is his important partner in TDI, serving as VP/GM of operations. His son, Dr. William DeJean PhD, resides in Sydney Australia and is directing the introduction of AVID into Australia, a youth educational opportunities program. Bill is a graduate of St. Joseph's College, Indiana, B.S. Marketing [1964]. His hobbies include off-road camping/hiking, fishing, and photography. His interests also include the Native American culture with particular focus on the Hopi tribe of the Pueblo Nat