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Tom Albano

tom albanoTom Albano is an Industry certified ESD Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, Auditor and Instructor for ITT Geospatial Systems, located in Rochester NY. Tom has been involved in electrostatics for over 28 years. He has been a member of the ESD Association since 1984, with previous involvement in electrostatic standards and test development at RAC, Rome N.Y., and NASA, Cape Canaveral (i.e., Capacitance Probe test for shielding/attenuation, Triboelectrification test, Floor resistance test, Inherently Conductive Polymers [ICP’s]).

Tom has developed and instructed ESD Awareness certification, and ESD Technical Training courses to employees at E.K. Co. and for their OEM suppliers. Tom holds an Electrical Engineering Technology and Surface Mount Technology degree from Rochester Institute Technology (RIT), an EMI/RFI/EMC H. Ott, Ignition Hazards certification from the University of Colorado.

Tom has received numerous patents in the field of electrostatics materials and equipment, including several USPTO and Foreign patents, published articles on electrostatics in technical journals, and is a member of the Electrostatics Society of America (ESA). While employed by Eastman Kodak, Tom developed and co-authored their Electrostatic Discharge Control Manual, he worked as the Health, Safety, and Environmental assessment agent, and principal in the Kodak Equipment Commercialization Process (KECP) in equipment design for ESD, ESA, and EMI.

Tom was an elected member of the Board of directors from 2000-2002 and 2004-2006. His volunteer experiences with ESDA include past working group chair of the Cleanrooms working group and Tom served as a member of the Standards Committee from 1996-2006 and 2009-2010. Tom also continues to participate in several working groups. In addition, Tom volunteered on the EOS/ESD Symposium committees holding the positions of technical paper mentor, Session Moderator, Workshop Moderator, Workshop Panel and Workshop Vice General Chair for several years in the areas of Factory and Materials, Cleanrooms, Ionization, and Automated Handling.

As Tom says, he has an “awesome” wife named Corynda and three grown children. He is an avid motorcyclist and quite a handyman. Tom is a member of the International Police Mountain Bike Association and is a retired town Sergeant. Additionally, Tom is the President of CTO Diversified Technologies and Resources as well as a subject matter expert for ESD Cleanroom facility design, infrastructure and product development.

Tom had this to say about his experiences with the ESDA Association, “It has been exciting and rewarding to be associated with subject matter experts who are both colleagues and friends.” Over the years Tom has worked with the ESD Association to establish Electrostatic Control standards and share this education with industry. “I have, and continue to, learn from my colleagues and peers and am delighted to share these learning with corporations and customers.”