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Marise Bafleur

marise bafleurMarise Bafleur was head of the ESD research team at LAAS-CNRS from 1997 to 2005. She has been an advisor of 10 ESD-related PhD theses. Marise is an expert for the European ESPRIT project n° EP 23643 ESDEM "ESD Protection Design Methodology (1999)" and the Institute for the promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology of Flanders (IWT−Flanders) in Belgium. She is a member of the ESD technical committees for EOS/ESD Symposium, IEW, ESREF, and IRPS. Marise holds two patents, and contributed to 21 journals and 67 national and international conferences.

Marise first started volunteering for the ESD Association as a member of the technical committee for the EOS/ESD Symposium in 1998. Marise had just starting work in the field of ESD at LAAS-CNRS after a career in smart power technologies. The ESD team at LAAS-CNRS started with two permanent researchers and PhD students in cooperation with industrial companies such as CNES, Freescale, ON Semiconductor, STMicroelect-ronics, and DGA. The team now includes four permanent researchers working on ESD protections for both advanced CMOS and smart power technologies, system level ESD and recently, thin-film ZnO-based varistors.

Given the convergence between EMC and ESD approaches, Marise founded a workshop called EOS/ESD/EMI. At its origin the first workshop, held in 2002, was a national event in France. The workshop was held again nationally in 2004. For its third year in 2006, it was international and had 50 attendees. That same year, Jim Miller contacted Marise about being part of an exploratory committee to set up an International ESD Workshop (the IEW) sponsored by ESDA alternatively held in the USA and Europe. In 2008, Marise became the local organizer for Europe, bringing the International ESD Workshop (IEW) of the ESDA to it's first European location in Port d'Albret (FRANCE).

Marise says that being part of both the EOS/ESD Symposium and IEW committees allows her to interact and learn with top international experts in the field of ESD. It has also helped her to become recognised both in France and and Internationally as an ESD expert.

Marise lives in France. She is married and has two daughters. Some of her favorite hobbies include hiking, skiing, Qi Gong, photography, and cooking.