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Larry Burich

larry burich 1Larry has been a member of the ESD Association since 1982, and has been an active member of the Grounding, Flooring, Footwear, Wrist Strap, Equipment and Work Surface Committees. Larry is also a member of his local Silicon Valley ESD Society since about 1990, and has participated in a few of that chapter’s tutorials.

Educational and Professional Background:

Larry received an AA degree in Electronics Technology from Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan, in 1973. Larry moved from Michigan to California in 1974 to work for Lockheed. His first job was as a technician maintaining micro electronic production equipment, and he first started working with ESD sometime around 1976. The U.S. Navy filed for a patent for a wrist strap tester that Larry developed for a Navy program in 1978; the patent was never issued. Larry developed a real-time monitor for wrist straps and table tops in 1979. About 350 units were made and used at Lockheed in Sunnyvale, California; about 100 of the units are still in use today. In 1979, Larry founded a company called Burich Electronics to make static sensors. For more information about his company, visit the web site at www.burichelectronics.com. In 1981, Larry received a BS degree in Industrial Technology from San Jose State in San Jose, California. Larry and his wife are both planning on retiring with in the next few months.

larry burich 2Personal information, interests and hobbies:

Larry’s major hobbies include riding street and dirt motorcycles. He enjoys restoring (resurrecting) old, neglected motorcycles. In October 2003, Larry and his wife completed a 3,200 mile trip around the southwest on a 20-year-old touring bike. This bike had been sitting for 15 years before Larry restored it and used it for the trip.

When we asked Larry to tell us how volunteering for the ESD Association has contributed to his professional and personal growth, this is what he said:

“Being able to sit down at a committee meeting with people from all over the USA and other parts of the world has been the most memorable experience I have had in my working career. The committee meetings have broadened much more than just my technical knowledge. Over the years, I have become good friends with many of the people I met in the Standards committees.”

larry burich 3