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Jim Vinson


Jim received his BEE from Auburn University in 1982 and his MSEE from N.C. State University in 1984. After graduating he joined what was then Harris Semiconductor in Palm Bay, FL as a Reliability/Failure Analysis Engineer working on military and space related products. It was during this early part of his career that he began to become interested in ESD and EOS. Analog and space products built in dielectric isolation or on silicon on sapphire (SOS) technologies were extremely sensitive to ESD. While working for Harris Semiconductor, Jim decided to return to school to obtain a Ph.D. He focused his education in microelectronics. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1998. His dissertation focused on EOS and ESD modeling. In 2001, Harris Semiconductor became Intersil and soon thereafter Jim became the manager of the Corporate Process Reliability (CPR) group handling the wearout and technology related failure analysis needs for the company. He also supported ESD design and implementation but in a periphery role more as a consultant to the design organization. In 2005, Jim assumed the lead role of ESD development and implementation at Intersil covering all products and processes. In October 2010, Jim was appointed to the position of Intersil Fellow, the highest technical position available within the company. Jim’s current duties include managing the CPR group which is responsible for wearout evaluation on all process technologies used within Intersil as well as developing and properly implementing ESD solutions for all of Intersil’s products. With respect to ESD development and implementation, Jim has implement a unique feedback system to insure continuous improvement for ESD. Jim’s group is responsible for the FA work on all ESD failures company wide. Since his group is responsible for ESD development and implementation as well as FA he has the unique ability to see where problems exist and take the necessary action to correct the deficiencies in either the design of the clamp, implementation in the circuit or ESD education of the design center. Jim is currently focused on EOS modeling, working with the University of Central Florida and the students there.

Jim met his wife, Selina, while attending N. C. State University in Raleigh, NC and married in 1983. They have twin girls who are now 25 and a son who is 22. Raising twins was a unique experience. He would not trade it for anything but notes the first few years were a blur. He also states that it is best to have the twins first when you don’t know any better. Having a single child second was a breeze. Jim and Selina are very active in their local church and also foster poodles and poodle mixes for a local dog rescue group. He spends most of his free time with family in Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Jim supports the education committee by teaching several tutorials at the symposium as well as reviewing tutorials and substituting when a presenter can’t make the symposium. He has also sat on several panel discussion at the symposium. He has worked on the technical program committed for both the symposium and workshop. He also participates in the working groups and Industry Council.

"Being a volunteer for the ESDA has allowed me to interact and learn from some very talented people. It has exposed me to technologies I would not normally see within my company and helps me see the world as a much larger and more diverse place. It has also humbled me to be in the presence and learn from extremely talented ESD experts. I realize how little I know and accept the fact that I will always be learning to the day I die."