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Ho Yiu (Michelle) Lam

LamMichelle earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto in Ontario, and her master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University in California.

Since 2000, Michelle has been working at IBM performing failure analysis in magnetic storage, focusing on ESD damage mechanism. She is also responsible for ESD control in IBM’s tape head and drive manufacturing world wide. Michelle completed the ESD Association certification courses and has been an ESD Certified Professional-Program Manager since 2008.

Michelle met her husband during high school in Canada. They are now a happy family of four with two children; a 5 year old daughter and a 2.5 year old son. “Since my kids were born, they became my world, so I spend most of my non-working time, chasing, screaming, and taking care of them.” When time permits Michelle enjoys running or hiking and being outdoors.


Michelle first became a volunteer in 2006 when she participated in the Technical Program Committee (TPC) of the EOS/ESD Symposium. Since then, she has participated by working on TPC, moderating technical sessions, and hosting symposium workshops.

Michelle told us that volunteering has expanded both her professional and personal networks. “I met people who I will talk to and ask about technical questions. I also met people who didn’t even mention the three letters “ESD” in our conversation but only touched on non-technical and personal life topics. I also met some very intelligent and reputable people who I can go to and rely on throughout my career.”