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web1 Han Gu Kim

Han-Gu Kim received his BS, MS, and PhD degrees in electronic engineering from Han-Yang University, Seoul, Korea, in 1985, 1988, and 1993, respectively. He joined the R&D division of Hyundai Electronics Industry in 1994 as a TCAD and ESD engineer. From 1997 to 2001, he was an ESD manager of the R&D division at Hynix (changed from Hyundai Electronics Industry). He developed the ESD and latch-up solution for DRAM, SRAM, and NOR Flash products in Hyundai Electronics Industry and Hynix. In 2001, he joined the System LSI business of Samsung Electronics as a principal engineer, where he had been in charge of ESD and device modeling. Han-Gu has been in charge of solution development, evaluation, and failure analysis of ESD and latch-up for all processes and products of SOC/Foundry, CMOS image sensor, high voltage display driver IC, smart card, MCU, and power management IC etc. since 2001. He has also been in charge of EOS/ESD related issues from component-level to system-level for all products. Han-Gu has over 20 papers and over 20 patents in electrostatic discharge protection.

Han-Gu is married to Kyung-ja and they have two daughters and one son. His first daughter Min-ji is a graduate of the department of business administration of Gachon University in Korea. His second daughter Yoo-Na is a student of Sungkyunkwan University. And his son Yong-Gyu is a student in Bulgok High School. His hobby is watching movies, and he is very much interested in history and geography.

web2 Han Gu KimSince the ESDA Korea Chapter was authorized by the EOS/ESD Association, he has consistently done his endeavor for development and expansion of the ESDA Korea Chapter. He is one of key organizers and volunteers of 2014 ESD workshop in Korea and 2015 ESD Workshop. His volunteering work has been limited inside ESDA Korean Chapter so far. He wishes to extend his volunteering work to EOS/ESD symposium and would like to communicate more closely with people from other companies outside Korea.Picture 3 Han Gu Kim

Volunteering allows Han-Gu to communicate more closely with ESD experts from various areas including both component level and factory level. It helps him expand his knowledge and allows professional success and personal growth. Han-Gu has had the opportunity to introduce ESD/EOS related decisions and documents from the ESD Industry Council to customers. It helped with the  adoption of the recommended ESD target levels in Samsung and other customers in Korea.