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Gene Monroe

monroe1"Through association with fellow members of the ESDA, I am able to stay current on technology..."

Gene Monroe has been a member of the ESD Association since 2005. He has a MS degree in Electrical Engineering and is currently working as an Aerospace Engineer; Mission Assurance Manager for NASA LaRC.

Gene is the first author of LaRC’s ESD Control Plan, and is responsible for all training and facilities pertaining to ESD. Acting as the agency’s representative on ESD to the ESDA, Gene is currently chair of the inter-agency committee on ESD (formed under the guidance of Ms Jeannette Plante).

Married with one son and one step-son, both of which are grown, Gene loves having the boys home for visits along with his parents to enjoy an afternoon barbecue in the backyard. In his spare time gene likes to go backpacking, play a little golf, or take a boat ride. He also enjoys woodworking. Gene’s other interests include the Martial Arts; he is a trained Practitioner in both Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts, and in Dentokan Okinawan Kobujutsu.

monroe2He is currently the committee chairman for the newly formed aerospace committee, WG-19, Aerospace. Gene has been attending the ESDA working group sessions for over three years. Being a volunteer with the ESDA has broaden Gene’s understanding and realization of the broadness of ESD. “My first awareness of the S20.20 came in 2010 when serving as the Lead Systems Engineer for the stack-1 (up through Avionics) for the ARES I-X project that was part of the Constellation Program.” Since that time gene been trained in the S20.20 plan development course, and taken hands-on training for how to take (and verify) measurements in the EPA. From there he went on to write LaRC’s first ESD Control Plan. “Through association with fellow members of the ESDA, I am able to stay current on technology that greatly aids my ability to be a part of the Agency’s effort to achieve a “One NASA” in the area of ESD control.” This One NASA concept for ESD Control will promote continuity across the Agency, and his work with the ESD Association will promote continuity with contractors and suppliers.