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Eugene Chase

eugene chaseOctober’s volunteer spotlight is Eugene Chase. Chase is currently a member of WG 53, chairman of WG-15, ESD Gloves and Finger Cots, and a member of STDCOM. Chase was a member of WG11, during development of ESD ADV II.2, Tribo Charge Testing. He also served as an alternate on WG-11 for Stan Weitz, President of ETS, Inc. Chase was a member of WG-97 during the development of ESD STM 97.1, Flooring Materials and Footwear-Resistance Measurement in Combination with a Person. He was also chair during development of ESD STM 97.2, Flooring Materials and Footwear-Voltage Measurement in Combination with a Person.

Chase was a member of the 1988 ESDA Technical Program Committee, and also served from 1993 through 1996. Chase was Registration Chairman for the 1987 EOS/ESD Symposium. In addition, Chase has given five papers at the EOS/ESD Symposium, as well as, over seventy talks, articles or published papers.

Educational and professional background

Chase is currently an ESD Technical Consultant for Electro-Tech Systems, Inc. and a NARTE Electrostatic Discharge Certified Control Engineer (NCE). His present work involves ESD and EMI problem solving, training, and sales of ESD measurement and ESD protective items. His previous position was in the Electromagnetic Compatibility and Power Department at Bellcore (Telcordia Technologies). His former work involved writing Bellcore Generic Requirements for the ESD concerns of the Clients (telephone companies), the development of new test standards for these requirements, serving as the chairman of a Bellcore (Client) ESD Team.

Previous experience includes ultra-fast optics research, preparation of superconducting thin films by UV laser deposition, and deposition and characterization of other complicated multi-element film systems. As a member of the Device Reliability Research District, his work included electrostatic discharge (ESD) research, consulting on Bellcore ESD Training Videos, ESD procedures and practices for the Bell operating companies, consultation with Quality Assurance on vendor problems, field failures, failure rates, and failure mode analysis on component field failures. Chase did reliability and ESD studies on GaAs FETs and MODFETs.

Prior to divestiture, Chase was a member of the Integrated Circuit Customer Service Laboratory, Device Evaluation and Reliability Studies Group at Bell Laboratories. His group was instrumental in alerting Western Electric, now Lucent Technologies, to the hazards of electrostatic discharge. Chase did qualification of a number of complicated IC's including a codec, analog switches, crosspoint switches, EPROMS, and microprocessor peripheral timers. He also completed a large in-situ infant mortality latent electrostatic discharge study on high-voltage gated diode crosspoint switches. Prior work included development of a high resolution page scanner for micrographics, extensive studies of laser machined thin films for micrographics, and development of anti-reflective coatings for high-power GaAs lasers.

Personal information, interests, and hobbies

Chase is happily married with four grown children and four grandchildren. He and his wife Betty are involved in a local Baptist Church, where Betty is Assistant Treasurer and Chase contributes sounds from his trombone during worship. Both Chase and his wife are active in the Gideons International. Chase is also active in a group called the “Tuesday Singers” where he plays his trombone at nursing homes once a week. For recreation, Chase has several varied interests, including jogging, cycling, golf, woodworking and model trains.

Benefits of being an ESDA volunteer

According to Chase, “Working with the great people that are volunteers with ESDA has been the highlight of my tenure. There are so many talented contributors particularly in the WG-15, ESD Gloves and Finger Cots Work Group and WG-53, Workstations Work Group. Without the friendships and working relationships, I think I would have retired long ago. I continue to learn a lot from so many. Being the chair of a work group has its very frustrating times and it’s very exciting times. Now we are very close to having an ESD Glove and Finger Cot Standard Practice that seemed to take forever, but will be an excellent document thanks to so many for their contributions.”