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David E. Swenson

swenson"It is difficult, or actually impossible, to think of where my career or life for that matter would have gone without the ESDA experience."

Dave Swenson first attended an EOS/ESD Symposium in 1981 as a member of the 3M exhibitor group. 3M was one of the Association's original exhibitors to the EOS/ESD Symposium starting in 1979. In 1984, Dave became one of the main delegates from 3M and became a member of the ESD Association. He presented his first Symposium paper in 1987 dealing with Triboelectric Charge and Discharge Testing of Large Scale IC's. Over the years, Dave has presented several other papers, including 3 invited presentations.

In his early career with 3M, Dave was in radiochemistry which allowed him to become involved in ionization. Over the early years, most of his work involved development of the source materials for ionizers and medical radiation devices (cancer therapy). Under a 3M mentoring program, Dave was able to continue his education and earn a degree in Physical Science (and Business). Dave is very proud of his accomplishment and mentioned that four of his children were in his graduation photo. After graduation, Dave was assigned to develop a technical service operation as part of the 3M Static Control Systems laboratory with a primary focus on managing the use of 3M static elimination devices within 3M factories. That experience provided an incredible background in solving electrostatic issues in a wide variety of applications (3M makes over 50,000 products). "Those are not the sorts of things that a person learns in school" says Dave.

In Dave's 3M years, from about 1987 till his retirement in 2003, 3M was very supportive of his work and volunteer time spent with the ESD Association, allocating as much as 25% of his schedule to ESDA. During that time, 3M supported an open travel budget so Dave could attend all the ESDA meetings, including the meetings during the early stages of international standards development with CENELEC that eventually led to the formation of IEC TC101 – Electrostatics. Dave was named the US National Committee Technical Advisor and Chief Delegate of IEC TC101 – Electrostatics for two 4 year terms in the 1990s. That involvement allowed participation in several other international conferences including the RCJ EOS/ESD Symposium for five years, the formation of the Philippines Chapter of the ESD Association, The Institute of Physics Conferences (UK) on Electrostatics (4 times) and several of the Electrostatic Society of America Conferences. Participation in these activities was key in developing Dave's background and understanding of electrostatic issues across a wide range of industries. All of those experiences were extremely helpful when after retiring from 3M, Dave and his wife Geri formed Affinity Static Control Consulting, LLC.

Dave is a recipient of the ESD Association Outstanding Contributions Award-2002 and the Joel P. Weidendorf Memorial Award for Standards work-2004. He is also an ESD Certified Professional Program Manager, as well as an iNARTE Certified ESD Engineer. Dave has held many positions in the ESD Association including: EOS/ESD Symposium General Chair – 1997, Elected Director of the ESDA – 1992-1997, 2002-2004, President – 1998-1999, 2008-2009, Executive Committee, Standards Committee before records were kept (since 1982 – WG-1), TAS, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications Committee, Education Committee, Computer Based Training.

Dave is an instructor of ESDA Program Manager Tutorials including: Standards Overview for the Program Manager, Packaging Principles for the Program Manager, Electrostatic Standards Overview (Outside of ESDA- iNARTE), Electric Field Considerations, and ESD Program Development and Assessment (ANSI/ESD S20.20 Seminar).

Dave has been a Texas local chapter member since the inception of the chapter and currently serves as Treasurer and Chapter Liaison to the ESDA.

swensonfamily"The ESDA experiences over the past 30 years have been incredible to say the least. The vast majority of people I consider as my closest friends are part of the ESDA family and we have grown up (and are getting older) together. It is difficult or actually impossible to think of where my career or life for that matter would have gone without the ESDA experience. Having had the opportunity to serve as the organization's president for two separate terms is something I will never forget. Certainly the celebration of the organization's 20th anniversary in the showroom of the John Ascuaga's Nugget Resort Hotel in Sparks (Reno), Nevada in 1998 while president was a major highlight to my ESDA career. Being involved in any organization where you can develop lasting friendships, increase your knowledge in a subject that is important to you, improve your abilities in your work life, and have incredible fun to boot, certainly has to be worth your time and effort."

Dave and Geri have been married for 45 years (this year), they have four children, eight grandchildren – ranging in age from two months to twenty years (five boys and three girls). Dave says the consulting business occupies a great deal of time as does work on standards and particularly TAS. He still finds time to play golf once a week, walk 2-3 miles almost every day. Dave also enjoys working in his yard which he says would not be considered low maintenance by any definition. As a bit of a hobby, Dave builds golf clubs (mostly for his grandkids). And amazingly enough, Dave has a small lab where he "fiddles" with electrostatics – mainly trying to understand electrical field issues. "Geri says if I had a bathroom in the lab I would not have to come in the house at all" says Dave.