TR14.0 01

ESD TR14.0-01-00

ESD Association Technical Report – Calculation of Uncertainty Associated With Measurement of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Current

Uncertainty is the estimated bounds of the deviation of a measured quantity from its true value. A statement of uncertainty is used to reflect the quality/accuracy of a measured result as compared with the true value which is and usually will remain unknown. The statement of uncertainty is accompanied by a statement of confidence that can be placed in the value of uncertainty. A calculation of uncertainty should be performed for each measured parameter of a calibration. ESD simulator pulses are notoriously difficult to measure because of their fast rise time and shot-to-shot variations in waveform. It is necessary to consider all the possible error sources and calculate the uncertainty when measuring waveforms generated by ESD simulators. Without the statement of uncertainty and confidence, it is not clear if the simulator’s performance truly falls within acceptable limits.

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