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Static Fires


Hover board exploding under a kid’s feet

Exploding vape pen kills FL man

Video shows a woman's purse catching fire at Boulder City council meeting

Can an "easy fix" curb dangers of containers holding flammable fuel?

E-cigarette 'shoots fireball' on Universal Studios Hogwarts ride

More than 500,000 hoverboards recalled after fires

Family: Toddler's light-up shoes sparked fire inside SUV

New York teen badly injured by exploding e-cigarette

Alaska Airlines Passenger's Phone Catches MFire id-Flight; Airline and FAA Investigating

Clermont police officer in ICU after off-duty accident

Explosion reported at Erlanger factory that makes "Airheads" candy

Man claims hoverboard ‘exploded’ under his feet

Lousiana Mother Claims Hoverboard Exploded, Started Fire

Ferrari Bursts Into Flames At Martinez Gas Station

Man Sets Fire To Gas Pump Trying To Kill Spider

23-Year-Old Severely Injured When E-Cigarette Exploded in His Mouth

Fire at Pa. chemical plant forces residents to stay inside

Woman sets gas pump on fire in Israel after driver doesn't give her cigarette

Man Lit Self on Fire at Gas Station: Investigator

One injured in asphalt plant fire in Missouri City

Lynn Teen Severely Burned After Setting Fire To Washer Fluid

Suspect in Miami gas station explosion had previous arrests

N.C. Mom Arrested After Son Burned in 'Fire Challenge'

Gassy German Cows Blamed for Barn Explosion

2 Injured In Lab Explosion

Japan chemical plant blast kills five

E-cigarette wrecked car when it EXPLODED 'like a firework' while being charged overnight leaving seats destroyed and windows blackened

Woman Claims E-Cigarette Exploded, Shot 4-Foot Flames Across Living Room

E-cigarette explodes, burns child


Electric cigarette exploses in Florida man's mouth

Oklahoma chemical plant rocked by fire, explosions

Possible Fire Hazards of Chimineas and Fire Pits

Father of three dies after fire pit explosion

Is static electricity at pump a real danger?

Fuel Barges Explode On Mobile River, Injuring 3 (VIDEO)

The Mystery of the Hindenburg Disaster Finally Solved?

Police: Pa. Mom Charged, Let 3-Year-Old Pump Gas

ELON MUSK: Those 787 Dreamliner Batteries Are Fundamentally Dangerous

Three teens in hospital after Mount Pleasant bonfire mishap

Massive Gas Plant Explosion in Mexico

6 children hurt when gas can explodes in Texas

Caught on Camera: Man plays with lighter near gas pump, sets car on fire

Jim Pharr in Discovery Magazine– Spartk of Truth: Can Science Bring Justice to Arson Trials

Understanding and avoiding static electricity ignition hazards

Gas station owners lament order on fuel nozzles

Static & Car Fires in the 1920's. When Static Electricity Becomes more Deadly than Dynamite

Do Women Actually Get Back In the Car More than Men During Refueling? - Stevie Hazen, Science Editor

Latest Auto Refueling Fire Claims the Life of a 19 year Pennsylvania Man!

Device Prevents Gas Pump Fires

WATCH: Dust Hazards During the Winter- Safety Message from the US Chemical Safety Board

Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Static Fire at Retail Petrol Stations - An examination of the myths and facts about fires caused by static electricity and exploding mobile phones

Dangers of Propylene Cylinders in High Temperatures:Fire at Praxair, St. Louis, Missouri

Lithium Battery Fires: Analyzing a Lithium Battery Fire

Lithium Battery Fires: Lipo Fires Two

Lithium Battery Fires: Lipo Bunker Tests # 3

Static Electricity in Man's Jacket Leads to Burns-Believe it ot not!

CBS Early Show:
Fires Sparked at the Gas Pump- static electricity expert Steve Fowler interviewed by CBS

Cell Phones Exploding a Growing Problem

Fowler Associates

The Oxygenated Fuels Mandate - High vapor pressure plus ESD = fires- By Dr. Robert R. Swank, Jr.

Petroleum Retailers Responsibilities Regarding Static Ingition While Customers Transfer Gasoline-By Jim Pharr, Fire Marshall- September 23, 2004

Cell phones and electrical safety fact sheet from SMOHIT-sheet metal organization gets it right about static fires but misses the mark on cell phones. (PDF. File)

Could Static Electricity be Responsible for Tanker Explosions?

Self-Service Gas Stations Across Japan are Exploding with Problems

Crystal ball starts fire at Oklahoma home-Not Static Related...but Interesting Fire from Crystal Ball

Safety and Trial Lawyer: The Forgotten Issues in 1990 Clean Air Act (CAA)

UNSAFE Act - Refueling Your Vehicle, Why Have We Not Been Warned ?

StaTOUCH-Offers Static Dissipative Labels for Gasoline Dispensers

CNN: Little-Known Dangers at Gas Pumps

Exxon Mobile Issues New Warning and Label for Refueling Pumps

NFPA Fact Sheets - Safety at Service Stations

Static Fires At Gas Pump Warning Alert!

Preventing Gasoline Burn Injuries

Report on the Risk of Static Ignition During Vehicle Refueling- Dr. Jeremy Smallwood-Electrostatic Solutions, Ltd

Static Electricity and the Gas Pump Fires

BMW Recalls Mini's Due to Gas Tank Static Problems

Are Cell Phones Hazardous at the Gas Pump?






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Static Incidents

7 year- old- girl suffered first and second degree burns when fuel tank explodes at a Mexican gas station

Explosion in Husky Wisconsin gasoline unit set off fire: official

Large fire burns after explosion at Michigan plant, 2 hurt

Massive explosion rocks Wisconsin plant, sparks fire

Regulators link hoverboard to deadly Pennsylvania fire

Gas can placed in trunk of car sparks violent explosion at NY gas station

Man in recovery after e-cig vaporizer battery explodes

Woman in Russia lights car on fire at gas station

You Tube: My hover board on fire

Insane Lightning Strike Hits Car In Australia - Caught On HD Dash Cam

Gas can goes up in flames at Charlotte gas station

Toddler, grandmother badly burned when gas can explodes

Fire chief warns residents against pouring gasoline on fires

Fire at Ybor mattress store blamed on static electricity

Blaze caused by ‘static discharge’ at PA township chemical facility

Static Electricity may to Blame for Gas Station Fire

Burnt Maryborough pilot airlifted to Brisbane hospital

Porsche 918 Spyder burns at Caledon gas station

Girl burned alive in a BBQ restaurant

Barbecue restaurant customers in China set aflame after waitress pours fuel onto grill

U.S. Chemical Safety Board Warns About Danger of Hot Work on Tanks Containing Biological or Organic Material

Unreal: Watch this Russian Gas Station Suddenly Explode in a Massive Ball of Flames

Petrol Station Explosion Leaves Two Injured

One injured, 5 vehicles burnt in Lagos Mobil filling station fire (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

How Mawalih Petrol Station Caught Fire - Video

Defect with gas pump ruled out in explosion

Fire chief: Static electricity may have sparked Hamblen County, Tennessee gas station fire

Static electricity may be to blame for Virginia gas station fire

The Rev. David Wentroble, burned in gas pump explosion, dies

Minister Severely Burned in Gas Pump Fire

Conn. Gas Station Blast Probe Continues; Minister Severely Burned

Connecticut man critically hurt in gas pump blast

Wal-Mart agrees to contribute $25 million to settle gas can explosion lawsuits

UPDATE: More surgery planned for girl burned on slide

Girl, 2, severely burned when gas ignites on slide

Video captures moment Georgia man lit his wife on fire while playing with a lighter at gas station: police

Static causes fire at New Zealand petrol station

Static electricity likely to blame for Big Diamond fire; promoter says fuel building will not be rebuilt

Static electricity blamed for car fire in Australia (video)

Static electricity causes fire in midtown Tucson

Fire at South Bend, Indiana factory blamed on static electricity

Fire Dept: Static electricity caused fire that destroyed 2 planes, 2 cars and hangar

Static electricity spark may have caused Williams pit fire

Static electricity causes fuel can to explode, home burns (Australia)

Apple to Investigate Report of China IPhone Electric Shock Death

Indiana Grain Elevator on Fire Day After Blast

Indiana Grain Elevator Blast Kills Worker

Two dead in fireworks plant explosion near Montreal

North Carolina Gas Workers Burned

Columbiana County Well Explosion Caused by Static Electricity

Static electricity believed cause of oil well explosion

Hand sanitizer may have ignited hospital fire that hurt girl, 11

Explosion Forces Shutdown at ADM Plant

Richmond Hill Explosion Near Indianapolis Puzzles Officials, Residents

Eight Texas Workers Injured in Propane Tank Blast

Drove my Chevy to the Bleve !

Gas Tanker Explosion in China Kills Three - FULL VIDEO- You Tube

Pa. Junior Firefighter Critical Afer Training Mishap

Static Charge Causes Oklahoma City Car Fire-UPDATE!

Static Electricity Sparks Oklahoma City Gas Station Fire

Gas Tanker Explodes, Bursts into Flames in Melbourne, Australia

Suspects sought in Milton, FL gas station fire

Car starts on fire at Burnsville, MN Gas Station

Woman Seriously burned in Tennesee gas station fire

'Extremely intense': Crews smother car fire at County Office Building

Burn Victims In Bellevue Car Fire Were Filling Gas While Driving

Caught on Tape: KY Gas Pump Fire

Fuel Tanker Driver Dies After Donelson Explosion - 68-Year-Old Driver Severely Burned After Accident

Gas can inside car causes fire at pumps

No casualties reported in west Amman gas station fire

Gas Can Inside Car Causes fire at Pumps in Copeville, Texas - Reported by The Farmersville Times Online

Washington Man Recovering after Gasoline Fire

Static & Car Fires in the 1920's: When Static Electricity Becomes more Deadlly than Dynamite

1970 Article on Static: ZAP- A Shocking Situation!

British Hairdresser Dies in Car Blast.... Is It Possible for Cigarette Sparks to Ignite Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach?

Man's Car Catches Fire at Kentucky Gas Station

Static Electricity Likely Started Fire That Heavily Damaged Florist Shop

Static Electricity Blamed for Virginia Gas Pump Fire

Six Workers Burned at Wisconsin Power Plant Explosion

Truck Explodes into Fireball at South Carolina Gas Station (see video) -WSPA News Channel 7 reports from BP station off Highway 290, Duncan, SC

Pick Up Truck Fire caused by Static Electricity (see video)

North Carolina Teen Killed in Boat Refueling Explosion

Virginia Woman Escapes Injury from Gas Station Fire Caused by Static Electricity

West Virginia Gas Station Explosion Kills Four

Ohio Gas Station Damaged by Fire Caused by Static Electricity

Static Spark Probable Cause of Texas Cargo Van Fire

Unbelieveable Surveillance Video of Static Fire She was lucky the pump had been cut off.

New Mexico Gas Station Fire Under Investigation

Knoxville Gas Station Fire Caused by Static Electricity

Gas pump fire claims life of North Carolina woman

Huge Explosion Destroys Sports Car

Static Electricity Blamed for Utah Gas Pump Fire

Florida Man Severely Burned While Pumping Gas

Cause of Colorado Gas Station Fire Unknown

Static Electricity Could have Ignited Fire at Montana Gas Station

SPINX -Gas Stations to Have Static Dissipative Warning Labels

Another Gas Pump Fire in Waynesville, NC
Injures 12 year-old Girl

Indian Gas Fires

California Girl Burned by Cell Phone

Static Electricity Blamed for California Fuel Fire

Static Electricity Cause of Missouri Refueling Fire

UPDATE: Static Electricity Now Said to be Cause of Refueling Fire: Cell Phone Blamed for NY Gas Station Fire

Static Electricity Cause of North Carolina Chemical Plant Fire

Static Fire Destroys Tucson Man's Car

Alabama Gas Station Fire Sends Man to Hospital

Iowa grain elevator explosion leaves one injured

Black Mountain, North Carolina Van Fire - Now with Photos

Michigan Gas Station Fire - 2 Year Old Boy Saved

Lackland Refueling Fire Burns Man

Fire Damages NC Maufacturing Plant

UPDATE: Static Electricity at Fault, says Fire Marshall: Tractor-Trailer Explosion

Tractor-Trailor Explodes as Cell Phone Rings

Guam Tanker Fires Linked to Static Electricity- Fire burned for six days and comsumed four storage tanks

Chemical Plant Fire Started by Static Electricity

Static + Gas May Have Caused 4 Homes in Indiana to Explode

Danger at the Pump in Fort Worth, Texas

Static Electricity Gas Fire Burns a Young Man in Texas

Mississippi Woman Escapes Injury While Pumping Gas

Chesterfield, SC Woman Narrowly Escapes Refueling Fire

The Anne Gouker Story-Tragically, 35 Year Old Mother Dies in Auto Refueling Fire- in 1996

Tucson Man Burned in Static Refueling Fire

1998 Report on Tanker Truck Fire Due to Static

Cape Girardeau Fire Guts Dodge Caravan


Woman Narrowly Escapes Auto Refueling Fire In Charlotte, NC

ESD Journal Revisits with Mr. Sierra to Discuss his Toyota Tundra Burning During First Time Fill-up

Jet DEFUELING Explosion

Georgia Stylist's Hair Catches Fire at Gas Pump

Asphalt Patching Truck Explosion- probable cause: a spark of static electricity

Missouri Gas Station Suffers Underground Fire Caused by Static Electricity and Gas Vapors

Brazilian Rocket Explodes

Man Dies in Camper Refueling Fire

Fire Starts at Opp Gas Station

WITI Fox 6 Runs Refueling Fire Story!

ABC 7 - San Francisco Runs Refueling Fire Story!

United States Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board Reports on Static and Chemical Fires

Gasoline Container Fire in Louisiana

Static Sparks Pickup Truck Fire-Kansas man's 1996 pickup truck destroyed in gas fire

Aerosmith Drummer's Car Ignites

Car Ignites While Two Brothers Were Refueling


Fill Up Danger at BJ's - ESD Journal has found more evidence in refueling fires

Another Close Call with ESD & a Gas Pump- Florida woman's account of a close call at the gas pumps




Be Aware!

Dissipative Warning Signs

TEXSTAT Creates new "Antishock Brush!"


Video of Auto Refueling Fire Tests!


Static Electricity & Refueling Fire Safety Brochure-offers valuable information and great safety tips, By Fowler Associates, Inc.

Spray Product Reduces
Static on Vehicle Seats

National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH): Warning- Fire Hazard from Filling Portable Gas Cans in Pickup Trucks & Cars

RaceTrac Warns Consumers of Refueling Dangers

Dos and Don't at the Gas Pump-Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service

Static Warnings for Self -Service Stations

Ring May Reduce Painful Shocks?
and fatigue too?

Static Smart at the Pump

Gas Refueling Safety Tips - from the American Society of Safety Engineers

New device from
Switzerland helps eliminate
shocks from static build-up

Don't Believe Web Hoax/Myth Sites on Auto Fires

Static Electricity Can Cause Fires at the Pump

Static Electricity Hazards

Court Decision Shows Rhino Linings is only Truck Bed Liner Proven to Actually Decrease Risk of Explosion


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