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NC judge among pair hospitalized after lightning strike along Blue Ridge Parkway


2 Pennsylvania high school grads die after being struck by lightning, officials say

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A motorcyclist is killed by a bolt of lightning in Florida

7 year- old- girl suffered first and second degree burns when fuel tank explodes at a Mexican gas station

Bob Vermillion Inducted into Military Packaging Hall of Fame

Hover board exploding under a kid’s feet

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story
Learn what inspired Hedy Lamarr to create frequency hopping, a type of secure radio communication to help combat the Nazis in World War II

Exploding vape pen kills FL man

ESD Protection & Control Seminars 2018

NASA Research Park (NRP) Bob Vermillion receives Jack A. Russell Lifetime Achievement Award

2018 ESD Technical Leadership Scholarship Award Presented to Bob Vermillion

Explosion in Husky Wisconsin gasoline unit set off fire: official

Large fire burns after explosion at Michigan plant, 2 hurt

Gainesville man wins $2M verdict after e-cigarette explodes in his mouth

8-year-old badly burned, placed in coma after fire pit explosion

17-year-old girl electrocuted as her headphones 'melted in her ears'

Man catches pants on fire with e-cigarette

X-Rays Made with Scotch Tape: Scotch Tape produces enough radiation to image a human finger- A view from Katherine Bourzac

New York Cosmetic Plant Explosion Caught on Camera- 1 Dead- Many Injured

California father, 2 children recovering after being struck by lightning

Lightning is zapping fewer Americans, not more

Video shows a woman's purse catching fire at Boulder City council meeting

Texas girl dies while using smartphone in bathtub

1 man killed, 1 injured by lightning strike at Florida beach

Mountain biker killed by lightning on trail southwest of Telluride

One Marine Brain-Dead After Lightning Strikes MV-22 Osprey

You Tube: An Arc of Glowing Blue Ionized Energy During a Hailstorm

Dairy Queen customer records video of 2 massive lightning strikes

Massive explosion rocks Wisconsin plant, sparks fire

Lightning bolt kills Colorado woman and her horse

Regulators link hoverboard to deadly Pennsylvania fire

Missouri farmer finds 32 cows killed by lightning strike

Pensioner, 84, died in a freak fireball after static triggered a fire when he rubbed his hands on his petrol soaked clothes

Can an "easy fix" curb dangers of containers holding flammable fuel?

Caught on Camera: Vaporizer Battery Explodes in NJ Woman’s Purse

E-cigarette 'shoots fireball' on Universal Studios Hogwarts ride

Florida Family Claims Samsung Galaxy Note7 Phone Set Their Jeep Ablaze

Woman’s cell phone battery explodes on bed

4-year-old boy, corrections officer both struck by lightning in Florida

Lightning strikes Texas parents with son just steps away

Lightning strike kills 1, injures 2 people swimming in state park lake

New Technical Papers & Press Releases

Statguard Flooring Introduces Epoxy Primer for ESD Floor Coatings

Desco Introduces New Dissipative Label Dispenser

Desco Introduces New ESD Workstation Cover

Static Solutions Introduces Two ESD New Waste Paper Baskets

New Catalog: Exair's New Catalog 27 Features Blowoff and Cooling Products

Press Release
Protektive Pak- Buried Shielding Layer- Conductive Fluted Plastek Sheets

Staticworx® Named to the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 List

New Press Release
Exair's USB Data Logger Available for Digital Flowmeter

Press Release
Static Solutions has been awarded the ESD Journal Seal of ApRubber

Press Release
Treck Product Launched with Satellite into Orbit

New Press Release
Exair's CE Compliant air Nozzles Increase Efficiency and Decrease Overhead

Press Release
MaKey, MaKey turns the whole world into a keyboard

Press Release
Rtp Company Adds Lines to Expand Production facility in Ladenburg, Germany

New Press Release
Safety Air Guns with Chip Shields Protect Operators

New Press Release
NRD Introduces Two New Products to the Staticmaster Line

New Press Release
Dual High Temperature Cabinet Cooler Systems for Large Enclosures

New Press Release
RTP Company Acquires conductive Business from Clariant

New Press Release
Specifying Static-free Floors
- ESD sensitivity and risks for personal safety and electronic equipment- written by Dave Long, President & CEO of Staticworx

New Press Release
Douglas Krantz Expanding Business

New Press Release
KPS is Awarded The Intrade Innovation Award for 2011

New Press Release
Product News: CE Compliant Safety Air Guns Assure Safe Operations

New Press Release
New Product from Exair: Atto Super Air Nozzle for Precise Blowoff

New Press Release
Staticworx Makes Inc. 500/5000 List for Second Consecutive Year

New Product From Desco

Press Release
New Product from Static Dynamics
New ESD Clip+GP Grounds Shelves, Wrist Straps, and Carts in Seconds

New Press Release from Staticworx:
New Standards Create Need for Safer, Anti-Static Carpet
Introducing ShadowFX

New Press Release From Desco:

New Technical Paper -


Ionisers Created 50 Rainstorms in the Desert Region of Abu Dhabi

Fabric Softener Increases Flammability In Infant Clothes

New Static Friendship Bracelet

Static Electricity can play havoc with cochlear implants

Static Shocks on Treadmills

Static Shocks In Supermarkets

Slides: A Playground Menace

Meet the woman allergic to electricity


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