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TT S20.20 and 625B Harmonization

Working Group Chairs: Terry Welsher, Dangelmayer Associates; Shane Heinle, Digi-Key Corporation


Summer 2018 Virtual Meeting

Agenda items for the meeting on June 21, 10:15 – 11:45 AM EDT are:

  1. Review of Meeting Etiquette and Policies (5 minutes)
  2. Brief summary of WG activities (no longer than 10 minutes)
  3. Review of April Face-to-Face Meeting
  4. Review the 625WIP with view to maximize harmonization to S2020 and use of ESDA standards


April 2018 Face-to-Face

Summary of meeting activities:
The group completed the first full review and modification of JEDEC JESD625B with added references to ESDA documents where applicable and the rearrangement/removal of descriptive text. Review will continue at the June virtual meeting.

Agenda items for the meeting on April 12, 3:00 – 6:00 PM PT are:

  1. Continue the rewrite of 625

                           i.          Worksurface – Table 1 – Page 6 and 7

                          ii.          Static Generating Sources and Charged Surfaces – Table 1 – Page 7

                         iii.          Discuss how to gain information on devices sensitivity – write into program to ask all devices, put into a contract to obtain information, require suppliers to give this information, etc.

                         iv.          Discuss Annex A (section 4.1) do we need this in the document?

     v.          Look at checklist did it change from revision A to revision B?

Winter 2018 Virtual Meeting
The committee reviewed the history of the task team discussions on suggested changes to JEDEC JESD625B. The committee started rewriting Table 1 in JESD 625B which includes qualification testing and compliance verification. Other technical items listed in Table 3 of ANSI/ESD S20.20 will also be added to JESD 625B. An update from the JEDEC meetings was provided including acknowledgement/approval from JEDEC’s JC14 on the suggested revisions to JESD 625B to date. JC13 is aware of the work the group is doing and two members from JC13 are also members of the task team.

September 2017 Face-to-Face Meeting

Agenda items for the meeting on September 6, 2017, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm MST are:
a. Quick recap of July Meeting
b. Update from teams for document organization, 100V HBM in scope, qualification, and tailoring.
c. Continue looking at the harmonization areas of the 625

Summer 2017 Virtual Meeting
Summary of meeting activities
The committee started suggesting changes to JEDEC JESD625B since the five year revision begins before ANSI/ESD S20.20. Subcommittees were created to address the addition of ESD item product qualification to JEDEC JESD625B and to craft language about safety aspects of conductive surfaces.



April 2017 Face-to-Face Meeting
Summary of meeting activities
The committee discussed how to move forward with the main technical differences identified in previous meetings.  The task team’s goal is to make recommendations in both documents that will promote harmonization and technical equivalence; it is not the intention of the group to publish a single joint document.

Agenda items for the meeting on April 27, 2017, 3:00 – 6:00 PM MT are:
a.      Presentation showing how S20.20 is supported by all the other documents of ESDA
b.      Discussion on how do we harmonize S20.20 and 625B
c.      Produce two guidance lists:
a.      Updates for 625 (which is likely to happen first)
b.      Updates for S20.20 (Target revision 2020-2021)



Winter 2017 Virtual Meeting
Summary of meeting activities
The committee discussed feedback from JEDEC members on the proposal to harmonize ANSI/ESD S20.20 and JEDEC JESD 625B. The history, scope, purpose, and requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 were presented for JEDEC members and guests unfamiliar with the document. The top five primary differences between the standards were identified to begin discussions on how to achieve harmonization.

Agenda items for the meeting on Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 2:00PM – 3:30 PM ET are:
a.      Introduction and welcome new JEDEC members of the JWG
b.      Hear from new JEDEC folks regarding their view of ESD control standards in their market industries. 
c.      Review briefly the differences identified so far (spreadsheet and summary doc)

September 2016 Face-to-Face Meeting
Summary of meeting activities
The committee clarified some of the differences and identified additional important differences between ANSI/ESD S20.20 and JEDEC JESD625B.

September 7, 2016, 3 - 6 pm PDT meeting agenda items:

  • Review the ESDA-JEDEC requirement deltas   

Summer 2016 Virtual Meeting
Summary of meeting activities
An introduction on the motivation for harmonization between S20.20 and JEDEC 625 was presented to participants. The committee then reviewed the current status of the document comparison worksheet.

 April 2016 Face-to-Face Meeting
The Adhoc Harmonization of S20.20/625B Subcommittee will meet on Thursday, April 14th, 3-6 PM.  At this time the current meeting agenda items are:
         a. Provide update about JEDEC participation.
         b. Review progress of S20.20/625B Gap Analysis
         c. Discuss solutions to areas of most disagreement (i.e. Recommended ESD Audit Checklist, Table 2 Frequency Column)