TR53 Certificate Upgrade Package

Upgrade your TR53 Technician – Get current to the newest version of TR53 and the newest certification endorsed and supported by EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Get the current digital badge and display your achievement.

Upgrade today. Pay the $500 certification training cost. Go through the training that updates your previous training from TR53-2018 to TR53-01-22 and awards you as an ESD Compliance Verification Certification Technician. After the online training that addresses all of the updates to the TR53 document, take the online quiz. After successful completion of the knowledge assessment, EOS/ESD Association, Inc. issues your certification card, adds your achievement to the ESDA website, and provides the digital badge and certification logo.

Please fill out the form below to verify your TR53 training status. Once your form has been reviewed, we will send you the payment link.