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You should be glad to hear that by the virtue of my carrying EOS/ESD Association backpack during my recent trip to Antarctica, I was able to establish local EOS/ESD Association chapters among the natives on the distant islands.

- Vladamir Kraz, EOS/ESD Association Volunteer

Our Members Share Their Thoughts About Volunteering

Due to the work as a volunteer, I found other aspects of ESD and found out how difficult it is to write good documents, especially in the case of global documents where the interpretation of words can be different. It’s great to do this voluntary work. It’s a win, win, win. No longer on your own, sharing knowledge and challenges, working globally and, last but not least, meeting friends…many friends.
Bas Grootemat
Bas Grootemaat - Owner/Consultant
Kingsize Consultancy
Being a TPC member of the Symposium or the Workshop is a great opportunity to learn more technical knowledge from ESD experts worldwide. In addition, the ESDA volunteer works really helps me become part of the ESD community. I am always impressed by the fantastic friendship between different companies in the ESD community. Being an ESDA volunteer offers me a wonderful network which helps me grow my personal and professional development.
Shih Hung Chen P3
Shih-Hung Chen - ESD Researcher
I received a certification that required me to be involved in a number of ESDA or EOS/ESD Association events. That allowed me to see that I could volunteer with my particular skills to help, which I have been doing. That helps me see that, as an organization, the EOS/ESD Association, is constantly trying to improve every standard, every other support document that relates to the control of both EOS and ESD in the industry, and that helps us all in our companies. I'm proud to be a part of that improvement effort now that I've become certified and can help give back.
Stevan Hunter
Stevan Hunter
ON Semiconductor
While I have a strong engineering background with degrees in chemical engineering, my knowledge of electronics and ESD was certainly limited. Being involved in the ESD Association, through the committees, the available training information, and generous support from other members, I’ve learned a vast amount about ESD and its control. I particularly enjoy networking with the other members, working with them on the committees, and having a little fun during the free time.
testimonial photo
Tom Ricciardelli - President/CEO
SelecTech, Inc.

Volunteer Events

Annual EOS/ESD Symposium

The EOS/ESD Symposium is the premier event to provide an understanding of issues related to electrostatic discharge and electrical transients/electrical overstress and the application of this knowledge to the solution of various problems. This event is the place to solve your ESD challenges, learn from industry experts, and network with all of the top EOS/ESD professionals in every major company. Our volunteers support every facet of this premier event.

Board of Directors Team Building

The Board of Directors (BoD) is a voluntary group providing our organization with direction and advice. Their efforts are what directly maintain the organization functioning at a superior level. Different team-building activities are held at our meetings to encourage collaboration, teamwork, and fun to help the BoD plan, problem-solve, and resolve conflicts.

Volunteer Appreciation and Recognition

Our volunteers ensure the success of all of our activities, and are the cornerstone of EOS/ESD Association, Inc. They bring camaraderie, a sense of connection to the industry, and a sense of accomplishment and impact on others. To convey our deep appreciation and recognition, we hold an annual recognition event.

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