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EOS/ESD Association Acronyms

AHE    Automated handling equipment

ANSI   American National Standards Institute

APD    Anti-parallel diodes

ASTM  American Society for Testing and Materials

BCM   Body contacting mechanism

BCP    Body contact point

CAFÉ  Constant area and force electrode

CBE    Charged body event

CDE    Cable discharge event

CDM   Charged device model

CPM    Charged plate monitor

CTI      Components Technology Institute, Inc.

CUT    Component under test

DIN      Deutsches Institut fur Normung

DRC    Design rule check

DUT    Device under test

EDA    Electronic design automation

EGC    Equipment grounding conductor

EMI     Electromagnetic imaging

EMI     Electromagnetic interference

EOS    Electrical overstress

EPA    ESD protected area

ERC    Electrical rule check

ESA    Electrostatics Society of America

ESD    Electrostatic Discharge

ESDS  Electrostatic discharge sensitivity 

ESDS  Electrostatic discharge susceptibility

eut       Equipment under Test

FCS     Floor contacting surface

FP       Field plate

FWHM   Full Width at Half Maximum

GP       Ground plane

GSA    Global Semiconductor Alliance

Gtp      Ground termination point

HBM   Human body model

HMM   Human metal model

IC        Integrated Circuit

IDD / ISS   Supply / ground current

IDDNOM    Nominal supply current

IDEMA   International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association

IDM     Integrated device manufacturer

IEC      International Electrotechnical Commission

IEEE    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEST    Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology

iNARTE   National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers

IP         Intellectual property

IPC      Association Connecting Electronic Industries

ISO      International Organization for Standardization

ISTRESSMAX  Stress current limit 

JEDEC    Solid State Technology Association, formerly known as the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council

LDMOS   Laterally diffused MOS

LVDS  Low voltage differential signaling

MCM   Multi-chip modules

MM      Machine model

OVT    Over-Voltage Tolerant circuit design

PCELL    Parameterized cell

PUT    Port under Test

Rbus   Bus resistance

Rcrit    Critical resistance

RDL    Redistribution layer

RFPP  RF pin pairs

Rpgp   Resistance point-to-groundable point

Rpp     Resistance point-to-point

Rtg      Resistance Top to Ground.

Rtt       Resistance Top to Top.

S          Standard

SCR    Silicon controlled rectifier

SDM    Socketed device model

SMTA Surface Mount Technology Association

SOA    Safe operation area

SoC     System on chip

SP       Standard practice

SSPP  Special signal pin pairs

STDCOM   Standards Committee

STM    Standard test method

TAS    Technical Advisory Support Committee

TCAD Technology computer-aided design

TDR    Time domain reflectometer

TDRT  Time domain transmission and reflection

TDT    Time domain transmission

TFB     Test fixture board

TLP     Transmission line pulse  

TR       Technical report

UPA    Unprotected area

VBM    Vote-by-Mail

VDD    Supply voltage 

VDMOS    Vertical diffused MOS

VF-TLP    Very fast transmission line pulse