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Volume 34, No. 6 November/December 2018 THRESHOLD TM “I think as the first time attendance for ESDA symposium , I really learn a lot, meet with more senior and experience folks then, practice during the hands on session, it’s really good opportunity for me, I already fully took advantage of it, the symposium is very impressive for me.” Chen Xi “The whole symposium days are really great to me. However, the 40th anniversary celebration party brings another level impression to myself. It is really my honor to attend this celebration and seeing such great people and contributors to ESD area. Thank you all of works to bring those joy to us in these days.” Tzu-Heng Chang “Attending this year’s symposium was as technically re- warding as ever; the tutorials and workshops are always professionally presented. The exhibits were well attended, and the symposium venue never disappoints. The 40th anniversary celebration made this year’s event even more memorable. The ESDA did a fantastic job (as always) marking this benchmark year. “ Timothy Maroni “I really enjoyed the symposium. This was my first one. Even though I have been exposed to ESD for several years, I learned many new things. There is so much information to absorb.” Jeffrey Bean Another successful symposium has concluded. There were over 450 people at the event from across the world. This symposium was the 40th annual EOS/ESD Symposium, there was something for everyone! This year’s symposium featured tutorials, technical sessions, hands-on manufacturing demonstrations, short intense tutorials offered in the manufacturing track, and our new offering- IoT workshop and so much more. This year also introduced many new contests for attendees managed through the mobile app and sponsored by the exhibitors. A few lucky attendees left the conference winning prizes with a $600 dollar value! Below are some testimoni- als from attendees expressing their excitement from the event. We look forward to seeing you at the next EOS/ESD Symposium at the Riverside Convention Center in Riverside, California! “My fondest memory was how proud and appreciative Stan Weitz was when he was individually recognized for his years of participation in the Symposium. It was a nice moment for one of the early pioneers.” Troy Anthony “The ESDA symposiums are getting better each year! I learned a lot from the sessions and met more colleagues than ever, each of whom assisted me in expanding my core competency on ESD control which increased the value of me in the eyes of my company. Already looking forward to next year…” Jay Skolnik