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Thomas J. Meuse

Tom Meuse mainThomas Meuse works closely with industry leaders and participates on several industry standards bodies, one of which is the ESDA work groups. Meuse has worked on a number of major industry standards changes, having been a contributing member on the ESDA working groups for over seven years and having provided behind the scenes support to colleagues prior to that.

Meuse also cites the support provided by his employer, Thermo Electron. According to Meuse, “Thermo Electron not only supports my efforts on the committees by allowing me to attend and focus on the work needed for the committees, but we also work closely with our local ESDA chapter by sponsoring meetings at out facility.”

Educational and professional background

Meuse graduated from a technical high school in 1980, where he studied electro/mechanics.

TomMeuse trees resizeIn his professional life, Meuse has been a member of Thermo Electron’s (KeyTek) engineering team and has worked on high-energy surge generator and hand held ESD simulator designs. He is currently focusing on the automated ESD and Latch-up simulators.

Personal information, interests, and hobbies

Meuse and his wife Debbie have been married for almost seven years, after both waited to find the right person. “We live in a quaint, small town in northeastern Massachusetts, where we share our home during the winter months with her parents.” said Meuse.

Both Meuse and his wife enjoy the outdoors and spend a lot of time in the lakes region of New Hampshire, especially on Lake Winnipesaukee, where they take the opportunity to relax on land and by boating on the lake.

As an owner of an older home, Meuse gets the chance to do a lot of work with his hands, which he enjoys. He does note that there are some projects he could do without, but there are always those tasks, such as wood working projects, that he is happy to spend time on.

Benefits of being an ESDA volunteer

Meuse described how being a volunteer with the ESDA has contributed to his professional and personal growth in the following way:

TomMeuse withPosters resize“My work on the ESDA committees has provided me with the opportunity to further my knowledge on a number of different levels, from ESD protection structure designs to the workings of an international standards body. Working closely on the changes affecting the industry has allowed me to provide my colleagues and my customers with the latest changes that will affect their companies and possibly their job functions.

Having worked closely with my colleagues and ‘friends’ on the committees has allowed me to grow in both my technical and professional career and as a person. Working so closely with such professional people has allowed me to see some of my weaknesses and my strengths and has helped me improve in areas that I may have been lacking in.”