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Scott Ward

ScottWard pic01"The ESD Association is a great organization and I am honored and happy to be a member of the ESDA family."

The field of electrostatic discharge has been a key focus of work at every company Scott has been employed with. The thesis for his Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) was on the design and analysis of on-chip ESD protection networks. Due to his work in the field of ESD, Scott is a group member of the Technical Staff at Texas Instruments (MGTS).

Scott became a member of the WG5 Standards committee in 2002. He is also a member of WG14, WG 12 and WG 10, a TAS representative and a member of STD COM. Scott is a volunteer on the Technical Program Committee (TPC) for the 2012 EOS/ESD Symposium and the 2012 EOS/ESD Factory Symposium. In past symposiums he has volunteered as a technical session monitor.

"The ESDA has been a part of my professional career since my first EOS/ESD Symposium in 1996. My involvement with the ESDA has advanced my career at every company I have had the opportunity to work for. My current position at Texas Instruments was made possible by my involvement with the ESDA WG5 standards committee."

ScottWard pic02"The yearly big event for me, both professionally and personally, is the EOS/ESD Symposium. It is a "don't miss" event and each and every year it is rewarding and educational."

Scott is married with 2 children. Dayton is 13 years old and Sarah-Jessica is 8 years old. He and his family love to travel and enjoy visiting theme parks. "We have been to many of the large amusement parks in the USA and spend our vacations on road trips where we try to visit as many parks as possible." The 1996 EOS/ESD Symposium was held in Orlando, the theme park capital of the USA. It was Scott's first trip to Orlando, which drove his love for theme parks. Since then, he was able to visit Orlando and Anaheim and spend time at theme parks. No ESDA member will miss the Anaheim Symposium location more than him. Scott's daughter owns a stuffed toy monkey that Scott takes with him when he travels for business or with the family for pleasure. Sarah is delighted that the monkey has been to Malaysia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Mexico, Hong Kong, and across the USA. The family collects postcards from every state they visit and have a goal to visit each of the 48 contingent states in the next 10 years.

ScottWard pic03One of Scott's newest hobbies is conservation efficiency, perhaps due to last summer being the hottest in the Dallas area in recent memory! The family is attempting to decrease home energy and water usage by 30% over the next year. They are developing a rain water collection system around their home, with a goal to have 100% of outdoor watering provided by rain water in two years.

Scott is an eager volunteer who tells us, "The ESD Association is a great organization and I am honored and happy to be a member of the ESDA family."