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IMG 5875Mujahid Muhammad received a M.S. degree in Microelectronics Engineering from the University of Houston, Texas, USA in December 1999. Since then He has been working with the ESD technology development team at the IBM Semiconductor Research and Development Center (SRDC) in Essex, Vermont, USA. Mujahid worked on various aspects of on-chip ESD protection including device level testing, data characterization, design rule generation, technology qualification for ESD, and Latchup. For a few years he has focused on implementing ESD EDA solutions and conducting customer product design reviews. Along with authoring and co-authoring technical papers for the EOS/ESD symposium, Mujahid has over 25 publications and 25 patents in the field of ESD and Latchup with several pending applications.

Mujahid lives in the beautiful state of Vermont with his wife Safiyya and two daughters Firdaus and Zahrah. In the summer he enjoys playing various sports with his kids, especially trying to teach them the game of Cricket and Badminton, which he played growing up in India. Every Sunday Mujahid plays Racquetball with friends. Mujahid occasionally volunteer s at his kid’s school and at the local food shelter with community members from the mosque. 

Mujahid has been involved with the ESDA EDA Tool Working Group and was one of the reviewers of the ESD TR18.0-01-14 – ESD Association Technical Report for ESD Electronic Design Automation Checks. This document provides guidance for both the EDA industry and the ESD design community for establishing a comprehensive ESD electronic design automation (EDA) verification flow satisfying the ESD design challenges of modern ICs.  As the chair of the ESD Working Group within the Open PDK Coalition of the Silicon Integration Initiative, Inc. (Si2) organization, he has worked to create a joint collaboration with the ESDA EDA WG to align activities that will result in mutual benefit for both the organizations.  He also worked with ESDA members in editing the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) in 3D-IC Packages whitepaper released by the the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) 3D-IC Packaging Working Group.

Mujahid enjoys meeting and talking with other members of ESDA who have become friends over the many years. "I have a greater appreciation of the differences in our approaches to ESD challenges based on the individual requirements of our specific customers."