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Chau Neng Michael Wu

20150501 171237Michael is currently located in San Jose, CA working on all ESD activities for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) North American customers. Before relocated to San Jose, he was the ESD manager doing research and development work in the TSMC Taiwan HQ facility. In 1993, Michael Wu earned a MS degree in Physics from Taiwan National Tsng Hua University and a BS degree from Tamkang University. From working with customers, Michael learns the skills to dig out the customer issues in depth and expedite the process of problem solving for customers in order to catch up the products development cycle.

Michael is married with twin kids; Michelle and Tiffany, both are in college studying economic and business. Michael enjoys running on a treadmill, he says it is a way to do stress relief since his job requires a lot of travel. He also likes to taste new foods and learn new business from the travel to different counties.

Michael is currently involved with WG 22.0 - ESD Foundry and IPESD Parameters, and the Industry Council. “Being a volunteer with EOS/ESD Association, Inc. makes me excited to be more involved with ESD. I am looking forward to working with the colleagues in the future.”

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