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Lou Patterson

LouPatterson3ESD Association welcomes Lou Patterson to the ESDA Spotlight. Lou is Principal Engineer for K&L Solutions, LLC

Professional information

Lou Patterson earned his BSEE Degree from University of California at Santa Barbara. Since 1988 Lou has been actively involved in electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) training and auditing. He developed highly successful ESD and EMC programs for the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command, These programs have been taught to Navy and Marine Corps activities throughout the United States and the Pacific. Additionally he provided ESD and EMC training to engineers at the Navy’s aircraft overhaul depot on the East and West coast. Lou prepared ESD training for AT&T use in supporting DoD activities in Hawaii. This was the driving force in establishing the first ESD Control certification program, endorsed by the ESD Association. Already holding an engineering certification in Electromagnetic Control since 1990, he used that background and experience in establishing the ESD professional certification program for the Electrostatic Discharge Association, becoming one of the first National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers (NARTE) certified ESDC engineers in 1995. For many years, Lou acted as liaison to NARTE for the ESD Association. His distinguished work in establishing and maintaining the ESD certification program, presented him the Marconi-Bell Award by NARTE in 2004.

LouPatterson4Lou joined the ESDA in 1990, when he was asked to assist in development of a certification program. For many years after that, Lou assisted Burt Unger in the ESDA Symposium training program, scheduling and operation. Lou says, “Working with many highly motivated and dedicated professionals has always been a delight. There are many who put the needs of the community above their own self interest, and it was educational to attend the many meetings and discussions the volunteer organization offered.”

Personal information, interests, and hobbies

Lou married Kyoko Patterson, who was his former Japanese instructor while he served in Yokosuka, Japan. Both are actively involved in shooting semi-automatic handguns and rifles. “Kyoko out-shoots me consistently with her M-5” says Lou.
We enjoy our family of cockatiels and parrot that keep us very busy. They swim and relax in the hot tub each night, a luxury that Hawaii affords year round.