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Lorenzo Cerati

Lcerati1Lorenzo has a degree in telecommunication engineering from the "Politecnico di Milano" Technical University in 1998. Since 2000 he has been working with STMicroelectronics on the ESD protections development team for Smart power technologies. Lorenzo is currently the team leader of the group responsible for ESD protections development, latch-up immunity, and bipolar parasitic analysis in BCD processes, based in Agrate, Brianza (Italy).

Lorenzo's main duties in the ESD fields inside STMicroelectronics are basically twofold. First, developing ESD protection devices and new ESD architectures for all Smart Power technologies in development.This includes the simulation (both device- and circuit-level) of new solutions, the definition of layout and design rules and finally their validation on silicon (TLP & vf-TLP, HBM, CDM, MM…). Second, supporting all design teams working with BCD technologies to implement and debug (Bipolar/CMOS/DMOS) ESD architectures. This includes the definition of standard and custom ESD protection networks for a very broad range of applications (such as computer peripherals, automotive, industrial, audio, biomedical…). Lorenzo also provides training on ESD subjects to the STMicroelectronics designer community.

Lorenzo is one of the official interfaces of STMicroelectronics in the international standardization committees and in the ESDA working groups.
Living in Milano where he was born, Lorenzo and his wife Antonella have three daughters: Camilla (5), Chiara (3) and Gaia (3). Music is one of Lorenzo's major interests "I really go crazy for the sound of a guitar (either classical or electrical) and I love all kinds of music from Blues to Heavy Metal."

Lorenzo is fond of soccer and skiing, but says much of his spare time is spent taking care of his three small daughters, (three babies in less than two years is really a tough task). Lorenzo tells us that his three girls are now the thing he is most proud of.

Lorenzo became an ESDA member in 2000, after attendance at the EOS/ESD Symposium in Anaheim.

Since 2007, Lorenzo has been a member of the symposium Technical Program Committee (TPC) and also chaired the session "On-Chip Protection B: Bipolar, SmartPower, RF, High Voltage" in 2010. In 2010, he was a workshop panelist ("Challenging Analog Applications") and has served several times as TPC mentor and tutorial monitor.

LCerati2Since 2008, Lorenzo has been a member of the IEW TPC and this year serves on the 2012 IEW Management Committee.

In 2010, he joined Standards Device Testing working groups and is currently a member of JWG HBM & CDM, WG5.4, WG5.5, WG5.6, and WG14, representing STMicroelectronics in these groups. Lorenzo has authored or coauthored several papers both for the symposium and the IEW workshop during these years.

Just a few months after joining STMicro Lorenzo was "shipped" to the ESD symposium to complete his training and was not prepared for what he found. Lorenzo tells us the impact was terrific, "The quality of the technical content and organization was very high but, most important, I was able to get in contact with the ESD community made up of impressive people. At the symposium, I found really talented and acute experts with a lot of experience. Since then, I have been able to build professional and personal relationships with a lot of international ESD experts. I am proud to say that I am still learning a lot each time I attend a symposium or a workshop and I always go home richer. Besides that, the added value I get interacting with the ESD community has been fundamental for the growth of my role within STMicroelectronics."