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Jon Barth

jon barthThe March volunteer spotlight is Jon Barth. Barth is currently active with seven ESD Device and System working groups (WG), as a high speed measurement expert. Barth’s contribution helps to improve understanding of ESD events and testers by ensuring that measurement technology remains accurate during seemingly endless deliberation.

Educational and professional background

Barth is currently the President and Chief Engineer for Barth Electronics, Inc. His present work involves ESD Test equipment design and production for semiconductor manufacturers. His former work involved HV Fast Pulse Test equipment design and manufacturing for nuclear weapons testing with US government labs, LANL, LLNL, Sandia.

Personal information, interests, and hobbies

Barth is happily married with four grown children and nine grandchildren. He and his wife Norma, now a business partner, live in Boulder City, NV. Some children and grandchildren are also working in the family business.

For recreation, Barth has varied interests, including sailing, exploring old mining areas in Nevada and collecting antique tools. Barth is also an amateur radio operator.

Benefits of being an ESDA volunteer

According to Barth, “Volunteering to help with the ESDA device Standards Working Groups was an excellent education in a completely new industry. I rapidly learned many details of ESD testing which has advanced my career and given me new friends with positive attitudes seldom seen in government circles. Although many are PhD’s they are willing to help explain their particular expertise. I have been very pleased to find that trading knowledge among these scientists and engineers is very open. All of us have the goal of trying to improve the state-of-the-art in an ever changing technology. The ESDA and all the people we have worked with has been a truly marvelous experience in this late phase of my engineering career.”