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Icko Eric Timothy Iben

timiben1"As a volunteer, one always grows through the commitment to others and from the insight learned from others."

Timothy is a senior engineer for IBM in San Jose, California. In 2008 Tim was awarded the ESDA Symposium best paper award for "A study of Term Pulses and Cabled MR Sensors". Tim also received an Outstanding Technical Achievement award, from IBM in 2013, for cost savings from ESD reduction in the tape head-drive manufacturing facility. He has published 37 papers and has 39 patents, about half of which are ESD related.

Tim has been a member of the association since 2004. During the annual EOS/ESD Symposium, Tim has volunteered as a moderator of the Class 0 Technical Session in 2005, 2008, and again in 2011. "As a session moderator, I learned a great deal as I interacted directly with the authors in the session, acquiring a deeper understanding of their work and making lasting friends." He has also served as the assistant AV chair at the Symposium where he had the opportunity to meet every speaker year and read every presentation. "It was a great deal of work, but well worth the experience." Currently, Tim is the chair of the ESD Research Council for the ESDA. The research council is a newly formed group dedicated to the advancement of ESD research through university grant funding and organization.

"As the ERC chair, I see the inner thought process of ESD experts while deciding what the most pressing topics in the ESD field are and how they could benefit from University research."

ibenfamily2Tim lives with his lovely wife and has three children, all of whom he says make his life a joy. "I love soccer, swimming, baseball and hiking. I also love hearing my daughter play the piano and flute, and my younger son play the violin." He also enjoys long talks with his oldest son who is now in the film industry.

As a volunteer, one always grows through the commitment to others and from the insight learned from others. "In all of my volunteer activities with ESDA I have met many new people and made some lasting friendships."