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Elaine Olson

elaine olson 1Elaine Olson an ESD/Micro Engineer from Intel Corp. is in the ESDA spotlight!

Elaine has worked at Intel for 28 years in both Fab and Assembly Test in manufacturing and process engineering. She has spent the last 11 of those years developing and sustaining an ESD - Micro contamination program in Assembly Test. With Julian Montoya as her mentor, Elaine has benefited immensely from the ESDA and loves to share what she has learned with anyone who will listen. Elaine says she is known at work as the “ESD Guru” because of all of her ESD knowledge.

Having attended the Garments, Gloves and Packaging standards committees for about 5 years as a guest Elaine is now a member of two years running. Elaine says “The ESDA tutorials and standards meetings have been my education and support in the ESD world.” She went on to say “The resources and the generous support of the people in the organization have greatly contributed to my success.”

“This has been a great opportunity to broaden my ESD knowledge and insight into the various industries that depend on the ESDA for guidance”, says Elaine about her membership experience.

elaine olson 2Elaine is married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Her youngest child is still at home, he will be a sophomore in high school this coming August. The family spends as much time as possible traveling in their RV. The longest and furthest trip to date was 6 weeks in Canada and Alaska. Elaine enjoys scrapbooking, reading and spending time with her son on the golf course (she is his caddy). Watching the Food Network channel gives Elaine an opportunity to find new recipes to try out on her unsuspecting family.