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Doug Smith

doug smith1Doug Smith held a general class amateur radio license at age 12 and an FCC first class radio-telephone license by age 16. He received a B.E.E.E. degree from Vanderbilt University in 1969 and an M.S.E.E. degree from the California Institute of Technology in 1970. In 1970, he joined AT&T Bell Laboratories as a member of their technical staff.

Doug retired from AT&T in 1996 and became Manager of EMC Development and Test at Auspex Systems in Santa Clara, CA until 2000.Mr. Smith is currently an independent consultant specializing in high frequency measurements, circuit/system design and verification, switching power supply noise and specifications, EMC, and immunity to transient noise.

He also provides consulting services in general design, EMC, transient immunity (such as ESD and EFT), and switching power supply noise. His specialty is solving difficult problems quickly, usually within a couple of days.

doug smith2Doug Smith has served in every position on the Symposium Steering Committee and has been a member of the System Level Working Group (WG-14). Doug has delivered many papers during symposium, starting in 1986. He has also delivered many talks to ESD Association local chapters. During the time he has volunteered with the ESDA, he says he has met many of his clients and several great people who have become good friends. Doug enjoys attending the EOS/ESD Symposium where many times he would bring his family and enjoy some family time while at the event.

Doug has three grown children, two sons and one daughter. His hobbies include electronics, medical research, family activities, bicycling, running, and scuba diving. With all of his bicycling and running, Doug says he has about 100,000 miles on his legs!

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