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Donald Boehm

DonBoehm sizedApril's volunteer spotlight is Donald Boehm. Boehm is a member of several working groups (WG), including WG 10 Automated Handlers, WG 2 Garments, WG 11 Packaging, WG 1 Wrist Straps, and WG 55 Cleanrooms. He is also a local chapter liaison and a prior board of directors member of member of the Silicon Valley EOS/ESD Society (SiVa).

Educational and professional background

Donald Boehm is currently vice president of business development of North America for Dou Yee Enterprise. He is also the co-founder of Electronic Materials Technology (EMT) and former executive vice president of Novx Corporation. Boehm has written numerous articles and been a guest speaker at venues in Asia and the United States. He is a co-author of “Magneto Optical Static Event Detector,” which won the Best Presentation Award at the1998 EOS/ESD Symposium. Boehm is also co-author of “Advanced Electrostatic Charges (ESC) Programs Focus on 300mm Processing Equipment” presented at Future Fab International.

Personal information, interests, and hobbies

For recreation, Boehm enjoys skiing, boating with classic wood boats, water skiing, and motorcycle riding.

Benefits of being an ESDA volunteer

About volunteering for the ESD Association Boehm stated, “Volunteering has widely broadened my overall understanding of both the basics and unique areas of the ESD world. The various groups that I participate in include many highly specialized engineers in their particular field and the interaction I experience has helped me to have a much better overall grasp of how to look [at] unique issues that either arise or evolve as the ESD sensitivity requirements for manufacturing continue to become less tolerant.”